Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

Communicating the Unique Style of Yamaha through Our BusinessesProduct DesignEVRoboticsProduct design at Yamaha Motor entails heightening its appeal by utilizing assets in our core business fields while creating value by applying the insight gained in these core fields to a wide range of growth businesses. Below are some examples of products that embody these approaches.Design Creation Emphasizing and Broadening Possibilities for PeopleThe processes of design creation are becoming increasingly diverse. One such process is co-creation, which entails close coor-dination with stakeholders from the development phase for new products, services, and businesses. This process of creating and cultivating designs together with stakeholders is expected to foster understanding and build bonds while also transforming both B2C and B2B models. emphasizes more than people. Our constant focus on expanding human possibilities through design is delineated in the Company’s In creating designs, there is nothing that Yamaha Motor ICESPVXSR900The XSR900 proposes new motorcy-cling value while utilizing an engine and chassis shared with other models. With a unique, stylish design embodying Yamaha Motor’s racing heritage, this motorcycle offers a riding experience that allows users to have equal amounts of fun whether they are pushing their limits or taking it easy.Wabash RTThis sport-focused electrically power-assisted bicycle (e-Bike) allows riders to hit both the road or the trail. The Wabash RT’s form also evokes our motorcycle design phi-losophy while expressing our status as a manufacturer of complete Yamaha-brand e-Bikes with its design that integrates the frame with the battery and power unit into one cohesive package.Long-Term Vision for 2030 of “ART for Human Possibilities: Let’s strive for greater happiness.” Today, the world is plagued by adversity, from the global pandemic to international conflicts. This situation is creating a greater need for feelings of self-affirmation and mutual appreciation. Yamaha Motor is inspired by an aes-thetic sense that propels it in its never-ending examination of what constitutes beauty. This quest has seen us create designs for businesses, products, innovations, and brands that connect with people and society on a fundamental level.Core Business (Motorcycles)Growth BusinessesNEO’sThe NEO’s is an electric scooter with an interchangeable battery and is available in the European market. With a chassis alluding to its mobil-ity and a design employing curves to emphasize smooth and comfortable riding, this vehicle exudes Yamaha Motor’s unique electric vehicle sensi-bilities and features while presenting the distinctive look of an electric commuter vehicle.Autonomous Mobile Robot AFVThis autonomous mobile robot con-cept model was exhibited at the 2022 International Robot Exhibition. We are designing the ideal form of transport key to linking production lines of the factories of the future by combining robotics with mobility technologies in order to propose comprehensive automation solutions.49

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