Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

sseemmeehhTT ggnniiyyffiirreeVVddnnaa ggnnnniiffeeDD ffoo sssseeccoorrPP iiTown eMotion Value Co-CreationInnovation DesignCo-Creation with Research Institutions48The Company is engaged in uniquely Yamaha value creation, verification, and real-world implementation activities that go beyond vehicles to also contribute to the well-being of people and society through an approach encompassing community development. Having defined themes related to the state of mobility, extended stays, and the like, we are engaged in co-creation ventures for verifying the effectiveness of our activities together with local communities, municipal governments, companies, universities, and other stakeholders.Coordinating Four Design Functions, from Value Creation to Communication and EngagementThe Creative Center possesses four design functions: business design, product design, innovation design, and branding design. These functions are supported by proactive recruitment drives to position our design teams as a source of creativity along with efforts to broaden the areas in which designers can contribute to include new business planning and more. Looking at each of the four functions, business design involves sharing and collaborating on the strategies and business models of business divisions for the purpose of designing projects for undertaking. Product design, meanwhile, entails working together Aozora Library using Green Slow Mobility electric vehicles that operate at speeds under 20 km/h (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 2021)State of extended staysVerificationState of mobilityFair and vehicle test-ride event encouraging visitors to think about diverse mobility options and road environ-ments together as a set (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 2021; Kamakura City, 2021)VerificationImprovement of well-being for Mobile parklet integrating the pedestrian walkway with the road to energize the community (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 2022)people and societyIt is people that feel Kando and judge value. For this reason, we are con-vinced that research on the essence of value with a focus on people will help us generate innovation that is truly meaningful for customers. By combining the experience and sensibilities fostered within Yamaha Motor with the insight of domestic and overseas research institutions, we are advancing co-creation activities aimed at realizing such true innovation. For example, Yamaha Motor’s technology divisions teamed up with the California Institute of Technology in a joint research venture examining the mechanisms through which people perceive the physical world. This project led to the development of a new technology—now patented in the United States—that allows drivers to perceive their surroundings more naturally and without undue burden. In this manner, deep research into people has the potential to help us design innovations that draw out previously unseen human possibilities. This is the approach we are taking to propose value that exceeds customer expectations.with businesses to shape design strategies and maximize relevant capabilities. Innovation design employs co-creation functions to generate value with the aim of developing new business approaches. Lastly, branding design is the process of increasing the number of people with an intimate understanding of the Yamaha Motor brand through communication and engagement. This function is used to communicate our raison d’être to custom-ers and society, and to inspire such stakeholders to develop a favorable opinion of the Company. These functions are coordi-nated to form an intrinsic link between design and functions.Moving ObjectTechnology allowing people to naturally perceive moving objects approaching from behind (the United States patent No. 11,276,182)Moving ObjectSide (90°)Moving ObjectFront (0°)Creative Branding & Design

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