Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

Kando Cycle1. Autonomization and Decentralization of Global Brand ManagementC1Y4Y3Online branding PDCA workshop conducted via web conference between Mexican subsidiary and Yamaha Motor headquarters in JapanKando for customersKando for employees and partnersC2Y1Y2C3C6B1C4C5B2B3• The Kando Cycle describes how we conduct our business from a branding perspective.• As a Kando Creating Company, we continuously generate new Kando by expanding the linkage of Kando experiences and thereby increase both our brand and corporate value.Substantial progress has been made in decentralizing global brand management at Yamaha Motor bases across the world. These efforts have been spurred by online PDCA workshops and the Brand Ambassador Development Interaction Program supporting these workshops. Global Branding PDCA Cycle Yamaha Motor periodically conducts surveys to assess its brand strength using uniform tools at principal bases around the world in order to relay and reflect the results of brand value analyses in its corporate activities. To facilitate these efforts, we hold workshops on our global branding PDCA (plan–do–check–act) cycle, examine any issues identified, and prepare relevant action plans. Branding Activities Yamaha Motor has been promoting the decentralization and autonomization of its global brand management. At the same time, we have made strides in internal branding activities (indicated by the pink square in the Kando Cycle illustrated above) by holding internal Yamaha Day events each year in July, the month of the Company’s founding, and advancing branding initiatives focused on production, development, and other functions.Build the excitement for products with the unique style Communicate the unique style of Yamaha and its experiences to customersDevelop partners’ loyalty to the unique style of YamahaUnderstand and experience the unique style of Yamahaof YamahaFoster employees’ prideEmbody the unique style of YamahaDevelop technologies, products, and services with the unique style of YamahaEncourage a lasting emotional attachment to YamahaExpand investments2. Internal BrandingFor 2021, Yamaha Day was repositioned as an event for promoting understanding regarding our brand, a departure from its prior function as a celebration of the Company’s founding anniversary. This change in emphasis was meant to help every employee better understand our Long-Term Vision and examine their own relationship to it. Unique videos were produced in regions around the world to help underscore this purpose, and at the same time, we have been forging ahead with branding initiatives focused on production, development, and other functions. The results of these efforts have manifested with positive changes indicated in employee brand awareness surveys.Become an advocate of the unique style of Yamaha and constantly explain it to othersStrengthen customer ties and loyalty to Yamaha through servicesIncrease profits per unit, sales volume, profits, and stock priceGrow potential fansIncrease new customers /interested employee candidatesY: YamahaC: CustomerB: Business47

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