Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

FutureNext2024202320222021The energy in a company’s workforce is a critical factor in its growth and that is why we will make employee engage-ment an important indicator. We will promote diversity and inclusion as well as human resource development as initia-tives for improving engagement. Our Fundamental Beliefs Strive to be a company with an agile and diverse workforce by increasing the available options for working stylesLocal hiring for core positions*1Women in manage-ment positions*2• Expand global and regional leadership programs• Reform HR management system at headquarters• Enhance mid-career professional recruitmentEstablish frameworks that provide equal opportu-nities for personal growth to all employees• Enhance online and on-demand learning platforms• Encourage employees to increase their Rev Up time*4Human Resource DevelopmentIncrease the agility of the diverse Number of participants in self-development courses*1 Ratio of local personnel in core positions at overseas subsidiaries*2 Ratio of women among managers at headquarters and overseas subsidiaries*3 Compared with 2019*4 Aimed at enhancing work efficiency and enriching time off*5 Ratio of employees who responded favorably to engagement indicators42As part of our global business operations, the Company is striving to create an organizational structure with the agility required to respond to changing and evolving market needs. We believe that if individual workers and their companies share ambitious goals and work together to bring about not just business growth but also personal growth, we can offer Yamaha Kando to customers without fail. Premised on our fundamental belief that all corporate activities begin with people, it is essential that our employees work in harmony and incorporate differing viewpoints and values. Working to hone individual skills, securing specialists in numerous technical fields, and applying our expertise in both developed and emerging markets are the types of efforts we believe will lead to fulfilling the Company’s Long-Term Vision for 2030 of “ART for Human Possibilities: Let’s strive for greater happiness.” Our new Medium-Term Management Plan is in line with these fundamental beliefs and designates the employee engagement score as a KPI, thus we will monitor and conduct ongoing follow-up on the level of engagement seen among the Company’s employees. Furthermore, as part of raising employee engagement and promoting diversity and inclusion, we will increase the KPIs in the New Medium-Term Management PlanDiversity & Inclusionglobal workforce that represents the Yamaha BrandIntroduce common global engagement indicators and conduct periodic follow-up on employee engagement(Ref.) Engagement score*5 at headquartersFY2021 59% FY2024 70%number of available options of working styles and strive to be a company where our diverse workforce plays an active role. To create an environment where people of diverse backgrounds gather and excel, we will expand our training programs for lead-ers in each country, revamp the personnel systems at our head-quarters, enhance mid-career professional recruitment, and more. With human resource development, we will establish frameworks that provide equal opportunities for personal growth to our employees and work to implement new workstyles that take better work–life balance into account as part of encouraging employees to increase their Rev Up time, which aims to enhance work efficiency as well as enrich their time off. 70605040Next: Planned successors for the next period Future: Planned successors for the futureRatio of Local Hires in Core PositionsFrom the 50.8% achieved in 2021, we will continue to bolster management of successors to core positions and pursue the KPIs in the new Medium-Term Management Plan. Mitsuru HashimotoExecutive Officer Chief General Manager Human Resources & General Affairs CenterHuman Resource DevelopmentImprovement of Employee Engagement55% by 202413% by 2024Approx. 5x*3

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