Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

Y-DX1: Reform Management Platforms Y-DX2: Strengthen the Present Y-DX3: Create the Future DX Human Resource Development Aiming to be a company where all employees can utilize data, we actively provide practical education and on-the-job training, shift human resources, and hire personnel with specialized knowledge. Through these activities, we are increasing the number of personnel capable of utilizing, adapting, and applying data, such as tech leads, programmers, engineers, and data scientists. Increasing this number to A Globally Linked Database Connected Digital Marketing Data Analysis Linking Data Collaboration with External EcosystemsInitiatives Under the New Medium-Term Management Plan Global ERP Introduction Smart Factories Additional Business Strengthening Construct an R&D Framework Specializing in Digital TechnologyExternal services Yamaha Motor apps API / SDK*2Other companies’ appsYamaha Motor productsAPI / SDKYamaha Motor service gateways *1 API: Application programming interface*2 SDK: Software Development KitAs we continue to utilize our management dashboard, we are building on the functions of our management database platform, such as deeper drilldown analysis, expanding the range of products with forecast demand and refining the units for demand forecast metrics, as well as adding budget management functions to enhance its utility as a tool for predictive management.Working toward “Connected Vision 2030,” we will expand our lineup of products equipped with connectivity features and accelerate the development of mobile apps. We will also utilize the data acquired to improve customer experiences, services, product development, and product quality.We will further enhance and expand the development of customer data infrastructure, data acquisition, and e-commerce websites. At the same time, we will utilize customer data to provide new experiences along the customer journey through a combination of physical and digital world measures.In an effort to propel on-site data analysis, we will strengthen data security and governance while promoting easy-to-use data manage-ment. Furthermore, we will continue to implement data analysis training courses (over 600 people in 2021) tailored to the purpose and level of individual businesses and functional sectors to develop in-house data scientists who can utilize data in the field.By internally circulating and utilizing the data we acquire, we are reshaping the supply chain, engineering chain, and marketing methods.We are continuing with preparations to link connected Yamaha products to other services and IoT devices. By collaborating with other industries and co-creating with customers via APIs,*1 we are challenging ourselves to solve societal issues and create new customer value in ways unachievable by a company on its own.The Iwata headquarters is preparing to introduce an SAP accounting module and will also begin preparations for introducing a sales distribution module. At the same time, we will also complete the construction of a global template for standardizing business practices at Group companies, and as we utilize it, we will incrementally introduce SAP to our subsidiaries in Europe and the Americas.By utilizing digital technologies, we will actively promote activities that improve the quality of theoretical-value-based production under a site’s own direction and expand the ability to internalize such mea-sures. At the same time, we will also boost coordination with the supply chain and conduct development to promote the transformation of value delivered to our customers.We are also using digital technology to promote the development of digital means and demand chain innovation.We will build an R&D framework that specializes in digital technology and promotes adaptation to new digital technologies and collaborations with external services.1,200 personnel by 2024 (550 people as of 2022) is a key performance indicator in our New Medium-Term Management Plan. At the same time, we will promote various site-led Y-DX2 activities to provide experience and strengthen IT literacy Companywide so that managers are able to appropriately judge and promote digital business and in-house activities, as well as further internalize such initiatives.41

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