Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

Y-DX3: Create the FutureThe Company is advancing its digital transformation (DX) strategy under the “Yamaha Motor to the Next Stage” banner in order to achieve its corporate mission to be a Kando Creating Company. The Long-Term Vision for 2030 of “ART for Human Possibilities: Let’s strive for greater happiness” specifies the directions we will take to that end, and our DX strategy seeks to connect with our customers in order to create more fans of Yamaha Motor and raise our brand value. Medium- to Long-Term Plan: Yamaha Motor to the Next Stage Digital Transformation Strategy Under the New Medium-Term Management Plan Action Themes2019–2021Search and trialY-DX3Create the Y-DX2Four core domains and DAP*Y-DX1Global consolidated database and Japanese accounting ERPShort- to Medium-Term (2019–2021) Initiative ProgressY-DX3:Create the FutureY-DX2: Strengthen the PresentY-DX1:Reform Management PlatformsDX Human Resource DevelopmentFutureStrengthen the PresentReform Management Platforms* DAP: Yamaha Motor’s digital data platformWe used a crowdfunding platform to widely promote awareness of how motorcycles can contribute to society, and have started trying to connect and co-create with new customers. Additionally, we advanced plans for R&D roles and departments specializing in digital technologies for continuous innovation.Y-DX2: Strengthen the PresentY-DX1: Reform Management Platforms2025–2027ExpansionAdvance and updateERP at all bases / distributors40Preparations for Next-Generation Value CreationConstruct an R&D framework specializing in digital technology and processes for co-creation with customers and society at largeConnect with Customers and Offer New ExperiencesProactively launch connected products, conduct digital marketing, and transform into a more customer-centric businessAccelerate Decision-Making and Standardize ProcessesAchieve quick decision-making via a globally global consolidated database and management dashboardsPromote Companywide Use of Digital TechnologiesImplement practical training programs for producing DX talents and make proactive personnel shifts to become a company where all employees can utilize digital toolsIn light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we accelerated efforts to strengthen customer touchpoints through digital marketing, e-commerce, and other means. We also introduced more connected outboard motors and motorcycles to the market, with a particular focus on global rollouts for motorcycles (approximately 800,000 units as of the end of 2021). We continue to progress on internal processes, advancing the automation of monitoring, transport, work processes, and inspections at manufacturing sites, as well as internalizing digital technology practices through these processes and building the foundations for digital development.2022–2024Building and implementationApplication in four core domains and global rolloutPrincipal base / distributor ERPOperation of our consolidated global database, consolidated accounting, and management dashboard began in 2022. We also started utilizing a demand forecast model for predictive management. In terms of introducing a new enterprise resource planning system, we proceeded with the construction of a template that incorporates standard business processes centered on accounting and implemented a new accounting system at the Iwata headquarters. Because this required connecting peripheral systems, the project entailed more steps than anticipated and plans have been updated accordingly.Digital Transformation Strategy

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