Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

——iclIirtceEnartrewoPECScope 3* Category 11: Use of sold productsReduction PerformanceScopes 1 and 2Emissions (metric tons)Emissions per unit (metric tons/sales: ¥100 million)Reduction rate (compared to FY2010)Emissions (metric tons)Emissions per unit (metric tons/unit sales)Reduction rate (compared to FY2010)Scope 1 and Scope 2Scope 3*1 Revised from the 44% target announced in February 2022*2 Rated 2.5–35 kW and over 350 kW*3 Motor Control Unit Priority Initiatives in the Medium-Term Management Plan Yamaha Motor’s commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 is also incorporated into its Medium-Term Management Plan, the first year of which is fiscal 2022. To reduce CO2 emissions in our corporate activities, we will introduce energy-saving and renewable energy equipment in more than 10 countries and, in 2022, adopt CO2-free electricity, starting with business sites in Japan. With regard to Scope 3 emissions, i.e., emissions gener-ated from product use, raw materials, transportation, disposal, etc., by customers and employees, we will accelerate electrification through our FY2010 (base year)FY2010 (base year)• Deploy energy-saving and renewable energy equipment in more than 10 countries by 2024• Adopt CO2-free electricity in 2022, starting with business sites in JapanPlatform StrategyImprove Monozukuri efficiency and ensure compatibility with a wide range of power outputs*2 by narrowing down major component typesMotorMCU*3Launch 10+ BEV models by 2024Greater expansion–2024 Establish a ¥10 billion environmental technology fund at our venture capital firm in Silicon Valley and explore technologies and business models that contribute to sustainability Collaborate with suppliers to promote measures for carbon neutrality and quantifying CO2 emissions with purchased goods 635,07151.234,046,0494.36 52% reduction in CO2 emissions in fiscal 2024*1 (compared to fiscal 2010) Acceleration of electrification through a platform strategyFY2017FY2018FY2017FY2018553,923529,51333.231.635.2%38.3%25,753,32825,963,3264.003.768.3%13.8%platform strategy and also promote development for compatibility with a variety of powertrains (power sources). Moreover, we intend to gradu-ally enhance our R&D facilities to realize these goals. Furthermore, to accelerate the carbon offsetting efforts needed to achieve our goals, we have established an investment fund specializing in the environment and natural resources field. The fund is planned to operate for a period of 15 years and will fast-track ventures into technologies and business models that contribute to sustainability.BatteryOther powertrainsBEVs2025–FY2019FY2019Responding to the diversification of energy sources540,10532.436.7%23,859,97419,624,3723.5718.1% Promote development across a variety of powertrains (Expanding R&D facilities for carbon-neutral technologies)Petroleum2010FY2020FY2021FY2020FY2021442,533500,90330.127.641.2%46.1%23,237,9443.673.7115.8%14.9%BEVsFCVsHEVsHydrogene-fuels2030205039

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