Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

Future Measures Demand in China and other developed markets is expected to recover. To promote further business growth, we will make proactive resource investments—including the expansion of our production capabilities—and accelerate the creation of business integration synergies, such as the devel-opment of new products based on the platform strategy and cross-selling. ment of new unmanned industrial-use helicopter and agricultural drone models. We will also kick off the manufacturing of small, jointly devel-oped drones for aerial photography and filming. In addition, we will promote further technological development through collaborations with outside partners. Results for Fiscal 2021 Net sales in fiscal 2021 increased 44.9% year on year to ¥120.3 billion and operating income was ¥17.6 billion. During the first half, capital investment became more active as the effects of COVID-19 subsided, particularly in China. Unit sales of surface mounters and industrial robots increased due to strong sales in Japan, Europe, and the United States in the second half of the fiscal year. In addition, Yamaha Robotics Holdings Co., Ltd. also returned to profitability due to strong sales and structural reform effects. Sales of industrial-use unmanned helicopters and drones increased due to broader applications and the acquisition of a distributor business.0840 Operating income margin Operating income (right axis) Net sales Putting Kando into the Hands of Clients with Robotics—Delivering Optimal SolutionsStrengthsOpportunitiesRisks• High-quality, low-cost, and timely provision of products and services through unified production, sales, and technology operations• A mixture of technologies via business integration with YRH and provision of complete solutions for clients• Co-creative capacities founded on strong relationships with business partners• Growing need for automation due to labor shortages in Japan and rising labor costs in emerging markets• Progression of digitalization accompanying the development of new fields such as IoT, 5G, and CASE vehicles, and advances in automation• Difficulty in procuring semiconductors and other components as well as soaring prices• Deterioration of demand due to changes in world affairs• Intensifying competition resulting from new players entering the marketGrowth Businesses (Measures in the Medium-Term Management Plan)(¥ billion)Main competitorsFuji Machine, Panasonic, ASM Pacific Technology, JUKI, Hanwha TechwinEpson, Mitsubishi, Denso, IAI, InovanceDJIASM, Besi, K&S, TowaSMT-related equipment,industrial robots, unmannedsystems72.8%P.2532Net Sales / Operating Income / Operating Income Margin(¥ billion) 150Overview of Primary Products and Main Competitors14.7%12090604.0%302020Surface mounting technology (SMT)-related equipmentIndustrial robots (factory automation)Unmanned industrial-use helicopters and dronesSemiconductor post-processing equipment14.3%20212022 (Forecast)Market and conditions at Yamaha MotorDemand continues to grow for printed circuit boards, including those for IoT, 5G, and CASE applica-tions. We are pursuing both product and service commonalities under our platform strategy to expand our business scale and reinforce our profitability.Automation needs are rising rapidly amid soaring personnel expenses and labor shortages. We are strengthening model variations while pursuing both product and service commonalities to expand our business scale and reinforce our profitability.We are launching multirotor drones in addition to our proven unmanned helicopters and will contribute to laborsavings in agriculture. We will also promote expanded applications for unmanned vehicles in fields outside of agriculture, such as logistics and field surveys.Semiconductors are becoming increasingly scarce. We are working to further build our customer base by building a seamless collaborative system that offers one-stop proposals that cover the entire semiconductor manufacturing process.201612In the unmanned systems field, we will proceed with the develop-Net Sales Breakdown by Main Product Category(Fiscal 2021)Yamaha Robotics Holdings Co., Ltd.27.2%Robotics

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