Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

Increase the sales ratio of large outboard models to 30% Future Measures Under the business policies of our new Medium-Term Management Plan, in 2022, we aim to strengthen both the competitiveness of our products and the earnings power of our businesses, while expanding the range of value we offer customers. In our growth fields, we aim to quickly bring CASE-related products to market by accelerating development of integrated control technolo-gies for boats. We will do this by strengthening the role of R&D in the United States to supplement our existing development functions and closely coordinate with Siren Marine, which we recently acquired. With regard to our existing offerings for outboard motors and personal watercraft—core assets of the Marine Products business—we will Marine Products: Implement our Marine CASE strategy to expand the range of value we offer and to maintain/Expand the range of value we offerTransform our customers’ marine lifestyles into experiences with greater comfort and peace of mindMaintain and strengthen our high-profit structure Maintain our high-profit structure and allocate resources for growth at the same timeCore Business (Medium-Term Strategy of Our Business Portfolio)Growth StrategiesConnectedEnhancing Our Business CompetitivenessReinforce Our Business FoundationsOrganizational culture that connects change to growthStrengthen R&D role in the United StatesComfortBolster large outboard lineups Increase production capacity Large outboard motors Personal watercraft Comfort / EasyExperiencesMarine CASEAutonomousSharedComfortElectricMarine Long-Term VisionReliable and rich marine life:Toward further increasing the value of the oceanstrengthen our high-profit structureBy implementing the Marine CASE strategy, the Long-Term Vision for the Marine Products business is to expand the range of value it offers and maintain/strengthen its high profit structure while also allocating resources for business growth at the same time. To achieve this, we will introduce the following three measures over the next three years. For our growth strategies, we will carry out the Marine CASE strategy to transform our customers’ marine lifestyles into experiences with greater comfort and peace of mind. In particular, for the “C” or “Connected” part of CASE, we will work together with Siren Marine, a company in the United States we acquired last year, to develop systems allowing customers to remotely monitor and operate their boats from their smartphones. This will provide them with greater peace of mind and help expand the value we offer.expand our lineup by proceeding with development of attractive products that meet customer needs. Moreover, we will continue to increase production capacity in order to meet the strong market demand, operating at maximum capacity and ensuring reliable product supply. In 2022, we expect to surpass last year’s record-high perfor-mance with net sales of ¥432.0 billion and an operating income of ¥90.0 billion. Despite the continuing rapid changes in our business environment, the Marine Long-Term Vision remains the same. We will follow the coordinates set out by the Vision to carry out our growth strategies and aim to realize a “reliable and rich marine life.” Second, is enhancing our business competitiveness. In this area, we will maintain and strengthen our high-profit structure, and by bolstering our lineup of large outboards with new models, we will further expand our product lineup and increase the sales ratio of large outboard models to 30%. In addition to this, we will continue increasing our production capacity for these large outboards as well as personal watercraft. Finally, we will reinforce our business foundations by strengthening the R&D role of the United States and further enhancing our product development arrangement in order to be flexible and thrive in this era of rapid change. We will evolve into a business that further increases the value of the ocean by maintaining and expanding our strengths while also achieving future growth.+20% +27%31

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