Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

Future Measures For fiscal 2022, we expect to see continued strong demand in Europe for motorcycles for developed markets, and an ongoing recovery in demand in emerging markets. The Company plans to increase produc-tion and sales, but there are risks, such as high raw material prices and supply shortages of semiconductors and other components. We will therefore continue working to build stable supply systems, pass on price increases, and improve cost efficiency. Moreover, in the recre-ational vehicles business, we plan to increase our brand strength and expand market share in the recreational segment, our main focus. There are risks in the form of component shortages and logistics issues in North America where our production facilities are located, but we Post-COVID demand recoveryTotal demand in Asia (million units)Expansion of the upper-middle class*1 in Asia(India / Indonesia / Philippines)–20%+37%20202021Market PotentialApprox.1.8xCore Business (Medium-Term Strategy of Our Business Portfolio)Focus on strategic segments in major Asian marketsStrengthen customer touchpoints with digital toolsRealize One-to-One MarketingExpand sales of connected motorcycles*2 Fiscal 2021 500K units Promote store visits and aftersales support using smartphone appsUnit sales growth in strategic segments (compared with fiscal 2021)Strengthen premium brand shopsPremium Segment StrategyIntegrated Marketing (Digital × Real World) Fiscal 2024 2.5M units2.0xIndia: Premium sport models 1.3xIndonesia: Premium AT models Philippines: Premium AT models 1.5xMotorcycle Business: Increasing Earnings Power in Emerging Markets with the Premium Segment StrategyOne of the themes in our new Medium-Term Management Plan is to “Leverage the recovery in demand and our premium segment strategy to improve profitability.” Overall demand in Asia has yet to recover to pre-pandemic 2019 levels. Our first step over the next three years will be to accelerate initiatives in anticipation of a recovery in demand. In ASEAN markets and in India, we will target the upper-middle class, which is expected to grow rapidly over the next 10 years, and ramp up our premium segment strategy even more than before to solidify our advantages. As we aim for higher unit sales growth, we will carefully map out strate-gic segments in each country and not only offer attractive products but also launch stronger brand marketing initiatives to create firm ties with customers. 10080604020004030201020002019Upper classUpper-middle classUpper-middle classMiddle classLow-income class*1 Annual household disposable income of US$15,000–30,000 *2 In Indian, ASEAN, and Taiwanese marketsNote: Upper-middle class data from Euromonitor International(India / ASEAN / Taiwan)202120242030will strive to minimize missed sales opportunities as we did last year. In the SPV business, despite the same risk of component supply short-ages as the motorcycle business, demand is projected to continue expanding and we are forecasting sales growth through an expansion of sales of both OEM and Yamaha-brand products. From a medium-term perspective, one of our themes is to generate synergies between the three businesses of motorcycles, RVs, and SPVs. Our goal is to deliver solid profits with our core business of motor-cycles and double the sales of SPVs, a growth business for us. By generating synergies, we will deliver new Kando in mobility. For customers in this segment who, through digital media, value individuality, and self-actualization, we will combine the digital and real worlds to implement our One-to-One Marketing approach, target-ing each individual customer in order to expand our range of touch-points and to strengthen the relationship with our customers. To accomplish this, we want to expand sales of connected motorcycles to 2.5 million units by 2024. We also plan to roughly double the number of premium dealerships in India, which serve as real points of contact with our customers. As we aim to improve profitability by forging ties between custom-ers and the Yamaha brand by using digital technologies, we will accel-erate the implementation of our premium segment strategy targeting the upper-middle class in India and ASEAN markets.India: Open more Blue Square stores Number of dealerships: approx. 2x (compared with 2021)29

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