Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

Low-Speed Automated VehiclesAiming to create added value through mobility and enrich people’s lifestylesMedical & HealthcareReducing the burden on researchers with reliable technology and contributing to advances in the medical fieldAgricultural Automation Achieve increased productivity, laborsaving, and automation in industrial fieldsSocietal IssuesMobility needsSocietal IssuesPreventive medical and healthcareSocietal IssuesLabor shortage in agricultureCore TechnologiesChassis development expertise garnered through golf carsCore TechnologiesUltra-high-speed, high-precision picking and imaging technology for surface mounting systemsCore TechnologiesChassis development expertiseRobotics expertiseCo-creationAutomation of indoor/outdoor transport at plantsMobility for people with little to no access to public transportation, such as seniors, children, and Co-creationResearch and drug discovery automationCo-creationAdvanced countries with high labor costsLocal governmentsFocus Areasresidents of depopulated areasIndustry–academia collaborationsFocus AreasMedical and research equipmentProducersFocus AreasHigh-value-added crop industryCommercializing Transport of Goods via Joint Ventures and Conducting Feasibility Studies for Public Transit OptionsBy establishing automated driving technologies under certain conditions, we aim to save labor in logistics and solve mobility issues, such as in areas with no access to public transportation. In transporting goods, we have been conducting real-world testing at several Yamaha Motor plants through eve autonomy, Inc., a joint venture we have with Tier IV, Inc. And in the first case of implementation outside our own plants, we have begun field testing at the Anesaki Works factory of Prime Polymer Co., Ltd. We plan to start providing services officially around autumn of 2022. In transporting people, we have been promoting commu-nity building employing “slow mobility” and creating uniquely Yamaha value in mobility by providing compact, low-speed forms of mobility such as our electric carts for first/last-mile mobility solutions. In doing so, we aim to solve important societal issues such as transportation, health, and industrial development, as well as introduce fun to the value of mobility itself. In 2021 we provided vehicles for field tests in 16 locations across Japan.Creating Synergies with the Medical Device Business in the Field of Laboratory AutomationThe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the cellular research and diagnostic fields has propelled individualized treatments such as cellular medicine and gene therapy forward. Moreover, with the aging of populations in developed economies, the market for contracted pharmaceutical development and contracted pharmaceutical manufacturing is expanding. Yamaha Motor aims to develop and expand the market by launching services that target both transmissible diseases and aging. In the field of healthcare and research equipment, the CELL HANDLER™ combines picking and imaging technologies to realize cell handling that was not possible with conventional methods. In addition to greater market penetration of the CELL HANDLER™ and enhancement of the product, we will also launch services in the research and drug discovery automation fields, and work towards commercializing them. Furthermore, in addition to sales of the unit itself, we will also collaborate with medical institutions to start an antibody profiling service that can be used to detect antibodies and use them in diagnosis and drug selection.Collaborate with Agri-Startups and Adopt a Strategic Approach for the Value ChainIn saving labor in the agriculture field, we aim to provide solutions that combine our chassis development and robotics expertise with AI, and maximize value through the cultivation, storage, and distribution chain. Through the activities of Yamaha Motor Ventures, Inc., which deals in corporate venture capital, we have invested in startups in the field of smart agriculture and have fostered joint development. In the United States, we will strengthen our collaboration with investee companies and build supply and service systems with an eye on expanding the business during the current Medium-Term Management Plan period.27

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