Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

Strategic Business Fields Growth BusinessesRobotics Business ContributionsTotal demand in Japan, the United States, and Europe(Yamaha Motor forecast)Scale Expansion Exceeding Market Growth (CAGR 22%) • Acquire new overseas e-Kit* customersDouble Net Sales• High-value-added e-Kits that are compact, lightweight, and quiet• Expansion of mid-range and high-end Yamaha-brand model lineupCAGR 16%YRH20212024CAGR 18%Net SalesMarket PotentialConsistent market growth toward 2030YRH profit contribution25%25%10%10%YRH202420212030Operating IncomeRobotics BusinessSupporting the Foundations of a Digital World, Further Expanding Business Scale as a Growth Business, and Strengthening ProfitabilityThe markets for surface mount technology (SMT) systems, small industrial robots, and semiconductor back-end processing equipment are projected to grow at an average rate of 7% per annum. In these growing markets that support the infrastructure of an increasingly digital society, we will further expand our business scale and fields of operation to strengthen our earn-ings capability. Yamaha Robotics Holdings Co., Ltd. (YRH) was acquired during the previous Medium-Term Management Plan and we have completed the post-merger integration. During the three years starting from 2022, we are targeting an increase in overall earnings capability with a CAGR of 16% for net sales through synergies with YRH, and an operating income contribu-tion rate of 25% from YRH as well. One of the first major steps we will take is maximizing synergies as a total supplier. On the product front, we will strengthen product competi-tiveness by driving our platform strategy. Furthermore, we will focus on introducing new models in the high-speed SMT model domain while in the field of small industrial robots, we will enter the market for cobots. On the sales front, we will enhance the appeal of our One-stop Smart Solution, while working to capture major accounts through a dedicated client-based sales team that covers multiple regions and offerings. Our second initiative is to strengthen manufacturing, sales, technology, and service structures. We will make investments to raise production SPV BusinessCapturing Market Expansion and Achieving Growth through Synergies between e-Kit Customization and New ModelsThe global COVID-19 pandemic caused a significant shift in human mobility patterns, towards focusing on closer destinations and avoiding crowded situations. This has led to a sharp increase in demand for compact personal mobility. In addition, rising environmental awareness has driven 18% annual growth in the e-Bike market in Japan, the United States, and Europe and this market growth is expected to continue towards 2030. In Japan, the United States and Europe, market scale in 2024 is expected to surpass 10 million units, and the Company will focus on the top three e-Bike categories: E-CITY, E-TREK, and E-MTB models. We will respond to this market expansion by harnessing synergies between e-Kit customization and the launch of new models, aiming for scale expansion outpacing market growth in order to double net sales. We are projecting an annual unit sales growth rate of 22%. In order to stage this business scale expansion faster than the market’s growth, we will begin customizing our e-Kits, conducting co-development of e-Kits with the e-bike manufacturers that use them, start local production of drive units in Europe where the market is the largest, and aim to acquire new overseas e-Kit customers by providing direct services via our own dealer network in Europe. In addition, we will aim to double net sales by developing new compact, lightweight, quiet, high-value-added drive units and expanding our lineup with mid- to high-range Yamaha-brand e-bikes.capacity with an eye on expanding the business by increasing our factory’s production area by 1.8 times by 2024. We will also further improve on our strengths in technologies, sales, and services carefully tailored to client worksites and operations. Through these two initiatives, we will raise the number of business negotiations, increase the unit price per project, and raise the rate of placed orders, aiming to expand our business and strengthen profitability.Key Themes20202021202220232024* e-Kit: e-Bike Systems (e-bike drive units and peripheral components)25

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