Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

Vision for 2030Reduced CO2 emissions (carbon intensity per sales) from production activities by 80% (compared with 2010) and net zero by 2035Promoting product development and sales with low environmental impact, such as electrifica-tion, to find uniquely Yamaha solutions Improved recyclability of boatsEstablishment of solutions contributing to sustainable fisheryIntroduction of low-speed automated driving systems has reduced the number of people with little or no access to public transportationReduced restrictions on movement through low-speed automated driving systemsOffering new mobility options that make people happyImproved standard of living for people who cannot afford a motorcycle and providing services that enable them to earn a stable livingSuccessful commercialization of new technolo-gies in the manufacturing, agriculture, and medical sectors that are driving efficiency gainsAssigning the right person to the right assign-ment, regardless of gender, nationality, or ethnicity, and moving the business forward while respecting diverse viewsMedium-term targets (2022 to 2024) Furthermore, performance regarding materiality KPIs, which are indicators of ESG management, is part of the non-financial evalu-ation component of the Company’s executive remuneration system, and overall progress is considered when determining Companywide performance-based compensation for all officers, including the president.• Reduce CO2 emissions from production by 52% (compared with 2010)• Deploy energy-saving and renewable energy facilities in at least 10 countries• Introduce carbon-free power generation at Yamaha Motor domestic offices and worksites • Conduct field testing of internal combustion engines that do not emit CO2 by utilizing carbon-neutral fuels*• Release at least eight new electric motorcycles/scooters on the global market• Complete field testing evaluations for a new electric marine propulsion concept model by 2024• Release at least six new electrically power-assisted bicycles on the global market* Hydrogen, synthetic liquid fuel, biofuel, etc.• Progress with R&D for FRP waste material recycling and achieve technical feasibility by 2024• Transition from FRP materials to naturally-derived materials and introduce sequentially with mass-production models from 2024• Conduct field testing of fishery management solutions and launch a pilot project in 2024Expertise• Increase the number of YRA participants by 60% compared to the previous three years (220,000 people)Technology• R&D of airbag technologies• Develop a proximity risk warning system (front, rear, blind spot, lane deviation) to help avoid accidents and launch on the market within 2024• Finalize automated driving technology for mobility service vehicles on select public roads and aim for implementation in at least three locations by 2024• Introduce a personal mobility product to the market in 2023 that offers an all-new mobility experience• Start Mobility as a Service businesses in India and Nigeria• Support startups that provide safe transportation and logistics services and contribute to the access of fundamental servicesManufacturing• Commercialize automated transport between factories in 2022 with the aim of expanding the business overseas by 2024• Achieve global sales of collaborative robots for automating tasks that require repetitive or heavy human labor by 2023Agriculture• Sell a system linking aircraft to smart agriculture as a project for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries• Establish laborsaving technologies and businesses for cultivating and monitoring orchard crops in the United States, Australia, and other countriesMedical• Sell new cell handling devices featuring even higher accuracy• Offer antibody detection services to determine treatments appropriate for the patient• Increase the ratio of local talent in executive positions at overseas subsidiaries to at least 55%• Implement around 10 global inter-subsidiary transfers by the end of 2024• Raise the ratio of women managers Groupwide to at least 13% by 2024• Increase the ratio of a headquarters employee engagement score to at least 70% Please visit our corporate website for more information on materiality issues, such as the figures for progress made regarding materiality issues during the previous Medium-Term Management Plan.https://global.yamaha-motor.com/about/csr/materiality-kpi/ 21

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