Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

Advancing RoboticsLeverage and evolve intelligent technologies and robotics as a foundationRethinking SolutionPropose uniquely Yamaha solutionsTransforming MobilityPromote innovations in mobility Business OperationsLand MobilityCreate new value for people’s time, mobility, and self-expressionMarine ProductsReliable and rich marine life Toward further increasing the value of the oceanP.28Electrically power-assisted bicyclesATVs / ROVsP.30BoatsOutboard motorsP.32Industrial machinery and robotsFinancial servicesGenerators Growth Strategy DirectionsThree Focus Areas Outcomes to AchieveEnvironmental ValueSocial ValueEconomic ValueMotorcyclesGolf carsRoboticsPromote automation and laborsavings to free up valuable time for people Financial ServicesOffer services that strengthen relationships with customers and dealershipsOther ProductsBecome a close part of customers’ lives and offer unique technology to support them PoolsIndustrial-use unmanned helicopters and dronesP.33Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from our business activities• Offer eco-friendly means of personal transportation• Reduce greenhouse gas emissions• Lower electric power consump-tion in production and other activitiesProvision of safe and dependable mobility and lifestyles• Offer mobility services that are safe and comfortable for all• Maintain and improve safety and reliability through high-quality products and services• Ensure safe water and resourcesRedistribution of economic added value to stakeholders• Strengthen earnings structure and maintain stable financial foundations• Provide employee remuneration• Pay stable dividends to investors15

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