Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

Other ProductsNet sales (% of total) Financial ServicesNet sales (% of total) RoboticsNet sales (% of total)¥72.7 billion (4.0%)¥ 42 million (0%)¥120.3 billion (6.6%)¥17.6 billion (9.7%)Surface mounters, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, industrial robots, and industrial-use unmanned helicopters Operating income (% of total)Main products EuropeAsia (excl. Japan) ¥ 48.6 billion (2.7%)¥19.1 billion (10.5%)Operating income (% of total)Main services OceaniaOperating income (% of total)Main products JapanNorth AmericaCentral and South AmericaSales finance and leases related to the Company’s productsGolf cars, generators, multipurpose engines, and snow blowers13Number of Consolidated Subsidiaries: 1321050923 2218

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