Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

To the Future Uniquely Yamaha Approaches to Solve Societal IssuesYamaha Motor is working to evolve and diversify its existing product lines by combining its core competencies with new cutting-edge technologies. At the same time, the Company is adapting its expertise in unmanned technologies and systems, such as industrial robots and industrial-use unmanned helicopters, to contribute to laborsaving efforts and raising efficiency in a variety of fields, from industry and farming to forestry. In addition, as part of its efforts to achieve carbon neutrality, Yamaha Motor is bringing electric motorcycles and scooters such as the NEO’s and the HARMO next-generation electric boat control system to the market while also moving forward with the development of internal combustion engines that do not emit CO2. Through efforts such as electrification among our wide-ranging product lineup, we are expanding the possibili-ties of mobility for a better society and a more fulfilling life. Equal Concern for Kando and the Environment Creation of User- and Eco-Friendly MobilityIn 1993, Yamaha Motor launched the PAS as the world’s first electri-cally power-assisted bicycle, a new form of mobility intended to be closely linked to user lifestyles. Promoted as a user- and eco-friendly personal commuter model placing top priority on performance in tune with human sensibilities, the PAS gained popularity as a form of mobil-ity “assisting” the various lifestyles people lead. Later, we applied the electronic control technologies developed through PAS bicycles and the latest human-interface technologies to successfully practicalize an eco-friendly electric commuter vehicle that produced no emissions and little noise. These technologies are contributing to today’s develop-ment work on new forms of mobility.1987Industrial-use unmanned helicopterR50 (L09)1993World’s first electrically power-assisted bicyclePAS1978Golf carG1-A2017Cell picking & imaging systemCELL HANDLER™2002Electric commuter vehiclePassol1995Wheelchair electric power unitJW-I2020Unmanned industrial-use helicopterFAZER R G22022Electrically power-assisted mountain bikeWabash RT2020Next-generation electric boat control systemHARMO2022Electric scooter with removable batteryNEO’s11Expanding the FieldExpanding the Field

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