Integrated Report 2021(For the year ended December 31, 2020)

The Other Products business engages in the development and sale of golf cars, portable generators, snow blowers, multipurpose engines, electric wheelchairs, and other products. The following are two of the many products that fall under this segment.Other Products79Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2021Power ProductsFirst created by adapting the Company’s small-engine technology, Yamaha generators are utilized not only for camping and other recreational activities but also as a backup power source in times of emergency, such as during power outages or in disaster-afflicted areas. We also manufacture and sell products such as snow blowers—a welcome tool in regions with heavy snowfall—and multipurpose engines to enrich people’s lives and bring them peace of mind.Yamaha golf cars, which originated from the development of land cars for resort facilities, are produced in Japan, the United States, and Thailand. North America in particular accounts for over 75% of global demand, making it the leading market for golf cars and the focus of the Company’s sales. In recent years, our golf cars have been increasingly used outside of golf courses and resort facilities as a means of mobility for underpopulated areas and villages with narrow roads, thereby contributing to the spread of mobility and its culture.Electric WheelchairsBy adapting the Company’s technologies for electronic control, drivetrains, and more to develop power units for converting manual wheelchairs into electric ones, we created a new market for simpler electric wheelchairs that are foldable and easy to carry. In addition to fully electric wheelchairs, we currently manufacture and sell electrically power-assisted units for installation on manual wheelchairs as well as complete electrically power-assisted wheelchairs, both employing technologies from our power-assisted bicycles.Through such products, we will facilitate the mobility of the elderly and persons with disabilities, seek to deliver greater com-fort and convenience for users, and help alleviate the burdens placed on caregivers, among other goals.

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