Integrated Report 2021(For the year ended December 31, 2020)

Future Measures for Realizing Our Long-Term Vision Promotion of Marine CASE StrategyWe will move forward with our Marine CASE strategy, which aggregates the various initiatives we have carried out to date as part of our growth strategy, and plan to position it at the center of our work under the duration of the next Medium-Term Management Plan covering fiscal 2022 and onward.With Connected, we will provide ample peace of mind by bringing connectivity to time on the water using engine informa-tion. For Autonomous, we will create systems that deliver smooth, intuitive boat control for user assurance and comfort. Electrification will yield quieter operation and, subsequently, increased comfort. These measures remain congruent with our original system supplier strategy, and we will implement each with an eye on combining them all into a single system in the future.Furthermore, we will put the products incorporating the afore-mentioned advancements to use in our membership-based Sea-Style boat rental club and offer more opportunities to experience the marine lifestyle through Shared. Under the key theme of providing peace of mind, comfort, and experiences, we will apply the latest technologies toward transforming the marine lifestyles of our customers into experiences with even greater peace of mind and comfort to help enrich their marine lifestyles as a whole.Fiscal 2020 showed that the marine industry can thrive even in the most challenging economic environment. Yamaha Marine customers upgraded or replaced their products and first-time Yamaha Marine product buyers nearly doubled, returning the industry to pre-recession volumes. We are seeing continued growth in fiscal 2021, and we will be aligning our manufacturing capacity and flexibility to better suit this more dynamic market at each of our U.S. manufacturing facilities.We are also bolstering our product lineups. Following the successful launch of the 425-horsepower XTO Offshore integrated platform, we are now bringing these big-horsepower integrated systems to 250- to 300-horsepower V6 Offshore models. Along with the new Helm Master™ EX, we are creating new value and excitement for Yamaha Marine product owners.Further, adding CASE to our integration strategy will enrich the consumer experience and provide even more reliability. I will continue to support our experienced Yamaha Marine team to meet market demand and create new Yamaha brand value for the future.Ben SpecialeDeputy Executive Officer, Senior Vice President, Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. (YMUS), President, U.S. Marine Business UnitMessage from Management Overview of Fiscal 2020 and Fiscal 2021 Initiatives The effects of COVID-19 in the first half of fiscal 2020 caused North American boatbuilders to halt operations, dealers to close their doors, and the temporary shutdowns of the Iwata Main Factory in Japan and our manufacturing facilities in the United States, driving down sales. However, following the lifting of lock-downs, demand for outdoor recreation spiked and by ramping up capacity utilization rates, we were able to post higher outboard motor unit sales in North America and Europe in the latter half of the fiscal year. Still, the Company was unable to fully recoup the results of the first half and recorded lower sales and profits for fiscal 2020 overall. For fiscal 2021, we will gauge the growing demand for outboard motors and personal watercraft—driven by rising outdoor recreation demand—and will swiftly and flexibly enact adjustments to our production and sales plans in order to adapt to demand fluctuations. At the same time, to make further progress with our system supplier strategy, we will carry out our product and technology strategies to expand our marine business across the board.• Investments for augmenting large outboard motor production capacity mostly complete• Field testing of the new HARMO boat control system, which combines an electric propulsion unit, steering system, and more, underway in Otaru in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan• Launched the F/FL425A 4-stroke outboard motor, Yamaha’s most powerful offering at 425 hp and released to industry acclaim in the United States, in the Japanese market• Developed an all-new single-rider SuperJet stand-up PWC model, improving its performance, eco-friendliness, and fun factorProgress of Priority InitiativesMarine CASE StrategyConnected Investment in Siren Marine, LLC Development of technologies for IoT-ready connected boatsConnected for peace of mindAutonomous New boat control systemDeveloped market launch completeComfortable, worry-free, and accessible marine recreationSharedSea-Style memberships Up 13% from 2018Boating license course participants Up 12% from 2018From experience to self-fulfillmentElectric Field testing with Otaru Canal Cruise servicesQuiet times and spaces75Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2021

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