Integrated Report 2021(For the year ended December 31, 2020)

Land MobilityPrimarily composed of the motorcycle, recreational vehicle (RV), and Smart Power Vehicle (SPV) businesses, the Land Mobility business offers its diverse range of products—spanning practical, everyday means of transportation and recreational products to products for commercial use and motorsport—to markets in line with their individual characteristics, and is building business platforms to be ready for a new era of mobility.Medium-Term Priority Initiatives Building business platforms ready for the shift to a new era of mobility• Revamp current capabilities to boost the efficiency of manufacturing and sales operations• Promote swifter management to improve the speed of decision-making• Accelerate the shift toward new business fieldsMarine ProductsThe Marine Products business’ portfolio includes marine engines, boats, personal watercraft, and pools. The business has built a presence as a global leader in the marine products market and is working to strengthen its high-profit business structure as well as establish platforms for sustainable growth.Medium-Term Priority Initiatives Strengthening the business’ high-profit structure and building platforms for sustainable growth• Realize the Marine Long-Term Vision• Promote a global production scheme for outboard motors• Progress as a system supplier through a comprehensive marine business strategy• Work on product development strategies to offer more attractive products and servicesRobotics Our Robotics business traces its roots back to technolo-gies used in the production of our motorcycles. Today, the business offers industrial robots for factory automa-tion, surface mount technology (SMT) equipment for manufacturing printed circuit boards, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, industrial-use unmanned helicopters and drones leveraging Yamaha Motor’s core competency in electronic control technologies, and other products for a variety of clients. The priorities of this business are expanding its scale and domains of operation alongside bolstering profitability.Medium-Term Priority Initiatives Expanding business scale and domains and bolstering profitability• Accelerate factory automation• Contribute to laborsavings in new fields• Build robust business platforms through in-house technologies and organizational reinforcementFinancial ServicesThe Financial Services business offers retail and wholesale financing, leasing, and insurance packages for dealerships and customers with the goal of strengthening Yamaha Motor’s business operation platforms. This business aims to ensure stable earnings by strengthening our ties with customers. Net sales  Operating income (right axis)  Operating income marginNet Sales / Operating Income / Operating Income Margin(¥ billion)(¥ billion)Business Overview70Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2021Business Strategy602021 (Forecast)202020194020015105016.4%19.6%19.6%(FY)

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