Integrated Report 2021(For the year ended December 31, 2020)

2010Small-scale water purification systemYamaha Clean Water Supply System2020 Industrial-use unmanned helicopter performing an aerial forest survey FAZER R G21993World’s first electrically power-assisted bicyclePASOur work to encourage the use of clean water at villages with a Yamaha Clean Water Supply System with a picture story was recognized with an award from the committee of judges at the 8th Good Life Awards put on by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment.1995Wheelchair electric power unitJW-IElectrically power-assisted bicycles continue to see an expansion in the range of users and uses, including for convenient and comfortable mobility, recreation, and well-being: PAS 1987Industrial-useunmanned helicopterR50 (L09)2002Electric commuter vehiclePassolEqual Concern for Kando and the Environment Creation of User- and Eco-Friendly MobilityIn 1993, Yamaha Motor launched the PAS as the world’s first electrically power-assisted bicycle, a new form of mobility intended to be closely linked to user lifestyles. Promoted as a user- and eco-friendly personal commuter model placing top priority on performance in tune with human sensibilities, the PAS gained popularity as a form of mobility “assisting” the various lifestyles people lead. Later, we applied the electronic control technologies developed through PAS bicycles and the latest human-interface technologies to successfully practicalize an eco-friendly electric commuter vehicle that produced no emissions and little noise. The fuel cell vehicle R&D we conducted at the same time is also contributing to today’s development work on new forms of mobility.To the Future Uniquely Yamaha Approaches to Solve Societal IssuesYamaha Motor is working to evolve and diversify its existing prod-uct lines by combining its core competencies with new cutting-edge technologies. At the same time, the Company is adapting its expertise in unmanned technologies and systems such as indus-trial robots and industrial-use unmanned helicopters to contribute to laborsaving efforts and raising efficiency in a variety of fields, from industry and farming to forestry. In addition, we are helping provide permanent access to potable water in coordination with public bodies and UN-affiliated organizations through projects to install our Yamaha Clean Water Supply System in developing countries. By searching for and identifying the root causes of problems on the ground and leveraging our technological prow-ess, the Company is moving to resolve societal issues in uniquely Yamaha ways.5Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2021

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