Integrated Report 2021(For the year ended December 31, 2020)

Executive Compensation in Fiscal 2020In fiscal 2020, the Company’s three-year ROA average was 7.7%. However, the long-term loans payable urgently raised to address the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have been excluded from the calcu-lation. In accordance with remuneration rules, the ROA evaluation coef-ficient was set at 1.25 after carrying out a comprehensive assessment of business performance, including management efforts amid the effects of COVID-19 on the global market.As a result, the total amount for the Companywide performance-based bonus came to ¥126 million (net income attributable to owners of parent of ¥53,072 million × fixed ratio of 0.19% × evaluation coefficient of 1.25). The total amount was distributed among executives in accor-dance with the coefficients determined for each position.For individual performance-based bonuses, comprehensive assess-ments of each director were carried out and amounts were determined in consideration of predetermined financial and non-financial evaluation indicators.(¥ million)Officer classificationBasic compensationCompensation linked to performanceRemuneration of shares with restriction on transferTotalCompanywide performance-based bonusIndividual performance-based bonusDirectors (12)3181262361 529 Of whom, outside directors (5)(62)———(62) Audit & Supervisory Board members (4)98———98 Of whom, outside Audit & Supervisory Board members (2)(31)———(31)Total4171262361628Notes 1. The Companywide performance-based bonus component of performance-based compensation is the amount scheduled to be paid.2. Figures include those for a director who retired on March 25, 2020.3. Regarding the maximum compensation amount for directors (approved at the 84th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on March 27, 2019), base compensation shall be within a yearly limit of ¥500 million (of which, a yearly limit of ¥100 million for outside directors), the Companywide performance-based bonus shall be within a limit of 0.5% of net income attributable to owners of parent, the individual performance-based bonus shall be within a yearly limit of ¥100 million, and restricted stock compensation shall be within a yearly limit of ¥200 million.4. Maximum compensation for Audit & Supervisory Board members (also approved at the 84th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders) shall be within a yearly limit of ¥120 million.Compensation Linked to Consolidated PerformancePool of funds (up to 0.5% of net income attributable to owners of parent)Net income attributable to owners of parentx Preset percentagex Evaluation coefficient based on ROA0–2x (including adjustments based on other business performance metrics)Compensation Linked to Individual Performance0–2x of base amount relative to achievement of and progress toward predetermined indicatorsFinancial EvaluationTakes into account year-on-year comparisons and degree of target achievement for net sales, operating income, and ROA in the division for which they are responsibleNon-Financial EvaluationTakes into account degree of progress on initiatives in the Medium-Term Management Plan, grooming of future executive officers and candidates for senior management positions, and contributions to corporate value and brand valueRatio of financial and non-financial evaluation• Directors: 1 to 1 (Executive officers: 1 to 1)Ratio of compensation linked to consolidated performance and compensation linked to individual performance• Representative director: 1 to 0 • Directors: 2 to 1 (Executive officers: 1 to 3)Breakdown of Compensation Linked to Consolidated PerformanceThe Company stipulates the three-year average of return on assets (ROA) as indicated in the graph.Adjustments are made according to each indicator after deliberations by the Executive Personnel Committee.• Level of achievement for consolidated net sales and consolidated operating income targets• Level of progress with the Medium-Term Management Plan aimed at realizing the Long-Term Vision• Other events affecting corporate value and brand value2.01.002.5%6.5%12%ROAIndicators Related to the ROA Evaluation Coefficient67Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2021

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