Integrated Report 2021(For the year ended December 31, 2020)

Yamaha Motor supplies various kinds of products and services to markets around the world, including personal mobility solutions, marine products, industrial robots, vehicle engines, and industrial-use unmanned helicopters. Overseas sales account for approximately 90% of the Company’s consolidated net sales. Starting with the principal concept of developing and producing locally where the products are consumed, we engage in development, procurement, production, sales, and other activities on the global stage.To sustainably advance our business activities, we believe it is effective to structure a corporate governance system consisting of the Board of Directors, made up of internal directors who are familiar with the Company’s customer characteristics, products, business operations, and functions and of outside directors who have a wealth of knowledge in global corporate management, as well as the Audit & Supervisory Board whose members include outside Audit & Supervisory Board members with professional knowledge in areas including accounting, legal affairs, and management administration. Under this corporate governance system, executive officers are appointed to execute operational duties in a timely manner, and the Board of Directors delegates matters related to the execution of business operations to executive officers.Organizational designCompany with Audit & Supervisory BoardNumber of directors (number of outside directors)10 (4)Number of Board of Directors meetings in fiscal 2020 (average attendance rate by directors)13 (100%)Number of Audit & Supervisory Board members (number of outside Audit & Supervisory Board members)4 (2)Number of Audit & Supervisory Board meetings in fiscal 2020 (average attendance rate by Audit & Supervisory Board members)12 (97.9%)Directors’ term of officeOne yearUse of executive officer system YesOptional committees of Board of DirectorsExecutive Personnel CommitteeAuditorErnst & Young ShinNihon LLCCorporate Governance System Overview Corporate Governance Structure Corporate Governance System (As of March 25, 2021)Business ExecutionGeneral Meeting of ShareholdersExecutive Personnel CommitteeManagement CommitteeIntegrated Auditing DivisionSustainability CommitteeExternal auditorAudit & Supervisory Board members Audit & Supervisory Board 4 Audit & Supervisory Board members (including 2 outside Audit & Supervisory Board members)Board of Directors 10 directors (including 4 outside directors)President, chief executive officer and representative directorBusiness sectors, functional sectors, corporate sectors, and subsidiariesAppointment /DismissalReporting business execution situationsInstruction / ReportSeeking advice / Making recommendationsInstruction / ReportInternal auditAppointment / Dismissal SupervisionAuditAccounting auditCoordinationCoordinationAuditCoordinationSeeking advice / Making recommendationsSeeking advice /Making recommendationsAppointment /DismissalAppointment /Dismissal62Corporate Governance Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2021

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