Integrated Report 2021(For the year ended December 31, 2020)

The Yamaha Motor Foundation for Sports (YMFS) was established in November 2006 to commemorate Yamaha Motor’s 50th anniversary. Since its inception, YMFS has continued to advance various projects for supporting people pursuing their dreams and goals through sports. Yamaha Motor supports YMFS and its activities as a corporate backer.The grant programs offered by YMFS are quite unique. Forums are arranged between athletes and researchers as opportunities for interaction and to encourage the mutual reporting and sharing of opinions regarding each other’s ambitions. This helps provide both with stimuli and discoveries not found in their daily training or research. Additionally, YMFS’s programs cultivate a family-like atmosphere in which past program participants sometimes become assistant instructors or leaders to provide robust support for the development of new participants. These programs thus connect participants with opportunities to spur their growth into world-class athletes and researchers, thereby playing a part in shaping the futures of their fields.Tadao IsakaVice President, Ritsumeikan UniversityDirector, Yamaha Motor Foundation for SportsSports Challenge Grant Committee ChairmanSports Challenge: GrantYMFS offers experience grants to support the ambitions of ath-letes, instructors, referees, and others as well as research grants to support the work of sports scientists and other researchers. To date, grants have been provided to more than 400 individuals to support them in pursuing their dreams and achieving their goals. The grant programs of YMFS are designed to back people with fiery passion and exciting future potential while offering robust support through a unique curriculum that includes self-growth analysis via PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycles and presentation forums to promote exchanges between athletes and researchers. This broad support accelerates the development of promising individuals with the potential to shine on the world stage.The Yamaha Motor Foundation for SportsChallenge UniSupoBoccia was born as a parasport but has since evolved into a universal sport (UniSpo) that can be enjoyed by and which encourages exchanges between people of all ages and physical capacities. YMFS arranges classes at elementary and junior high schools in Shizuoka Prefecture for students to experience boccia while also doubling as opportunities for academic study.Sports Challenge AwardsYamaha Motor presents awards to the unsung heroes behind the sports industry. The awards honor these individuals and highlight their stories to communicate to society how hard work pays off and the respect that comes from tackling new challenges.Scrum Unison was selected for the Inspiration Award at the 12th Sport Challenge Awards.51Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2021

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