Integrated Report 2021(For the year ended December 31, 2020)

Global Execution Transformation for Human Resources —Empowerment of Women Employees For Yamaha Motor to realize sustainable growth, it is absolutely essential that we promote diversity and inclusion at a global level. In keeping with these principles, we are developing and driving new activities to encourage women employees who embody the unique style of Yamaha to actively communicate new business ideas and perspectives.On International Women’s Day, March 8, 2021, the Global Execution Transformation for Human Resources (GET-HR) initiative was announced by GET-HR co-chair Melanie Tups as a global undertaking. Plans to support and develop Yamaha Motor’s woman workforce will be put into action in a stepwise manner.Tamami KawaiGeneral Manager of Human Resources Division, Human Resources & General Affairs CenterMessages from ManagementGlobal Communication Aimed at Reform —English Proficiency Made a Promotion Criterion Having a workforce proficient in English with a global mindset is an essential requirement for sustainable success in our business. The Long-Term Vision puts forward the expansion of international collaborations, and we believe enhancing the Company’s global communication capabilities will not only offer opportunities for further growth but also be an important factor for colleagues around the world to forge closer connections among themselves as well as in the broader community.To facilitate smoother in-house communication and embrace cultural diversity from numerous geographies, the decision was made in fiscal 2019 to make English proficiency a promotion criterion at Yamaha Motor in Japan. We began providing English training opportunities to staff at all levels in fiscal 2020 for raising the level of English proficiency among headquarters employees, and the language was made a requirement for promotion in fiscal 2021.Darryl LovegroveGeneral Manager of Global Human Resources Development Division, Human Resources & General Affairs CenterGlobalization, Diversity, and InclusionThe role of global human resources finds its foundation in the development and enhancement of commer-cial and governance frameworks. These, in turn, embrace cultural diversity, technological advancements, and the unique style of Yamaha in supporting dynamic global business initiatives. Developing employees in a manner that allows for agile deployment is imperative in Yamaha Motor gaining a competitive advantage.Diversity is a cornerstone of the Yamaha brand and has been part of our organizational DNA from the outset. By nurturing and actively developing a global workforce that reflects our society and embraces diversity and inclusion, the Yamaha Motor Group will be well positioned to achieve sustainable growth in meeting its customers’ evolving needs.Engagement and Quick Response to Drive ChangesTo better clarify the internal issues we face, we completely revised our employee engagement survey in fiscal 2020 to facilitate making quicker improvements. There were three major changes: (1) the revision of key performance indicators (change in emphasis from “employee satisfaction” to “employee engagement”), (2) the introduction of HR-Tech (online HR system), and (3) the inclusion of items pertaining to workplace dia-logue (sharing of awareness and thoughts and visualization).These new surveys revealed employees’ strong desire to contribute to the Company and to their depart-ment, two important indicators of engagement, and the scores for interpersonal relationships were very high. Conversely, the survey cast light on a lack of understanding regarding Yamaha Motor’s vision. To address this issue, venues were arranged for the president to explain the Company’s trajectory and for employees to give their feedback. The benefits of these forums are already beginning to materialize. As we move forward, we will continue to pursue higher levels of engagement with an eye on possible global implementation in the future.49Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2021

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