Integrated Report 2021(For the year ended December 31, 2020)

Human Resource DevelopmentThe Company endeavors to create work environments that serve as sources for the unique style of Yamaha Motor while fostering and encouraging diversity and inclusion. We are aiming for even greater heights in the coming future, accelerat-ing workstyle reforms with a global perspective in order to attract talented human resources from around the world.Our Fundamental Beliefs As part of our global business operations, the Company is striving to create an organizational structure with the agility required to respond to changing and evolving market needs. We believe that if individual workers and their companies share ambitious goals and work together to bring about not just business growth but also personal growth, we can offer Yamaha Kando to customers without fail. Premised on our fundamental belief that all corporate activities begin with people, it is essential that our employees work in harmony together and incorporate differing viewpoints and values. Working to hone individual skills, securing specialists in numerous technical fields, and applying our expertise in both developed and emerging markets are the types of efforts we believe will lead to fulfilling the Company’s Long-Term Vision for 2030 of ART for Human Possibilities.As part of implementing this fundamental approach, we have created and put in place employee development programs around the world and run training sessions that cover not only the skills needed for the job field in question but also skills for business administration and strategic leadership. The skilled staff nurtured through these programs is not limited to placements in specific regions. The Company’s policy is to examine postings around the world where such staff can best apply their skills before restation-ing. Accordingly, we are building frameworks and rules appropri-ate for global human resources.EmpowermentGlobalizationTransformationSustainabilityMaterialityDiversity and InclusionCorporate CultureFrameworks and Systems• Global grading (60% of management positions lled locally)• Global transfers and personnel recruitment• Groupwide remuneration policySuccessor management• Study abroad schemes• Selective global development programs Global Executive Program (GEP) Yamaha Business School Global (YBS-G) Regional Development Program (RDP) Mentorship Program• Development of personnel to embody the brand• Rank- and department- based training• Empowerment of women employees (10% in management positions, GET-HR)• Internationalization of headquarters workforce (10% of new graduate career track recruits)• Employment of people with disabilities• Engagement surveys• Global communication enhancement Inclusion of TOEIC score in promotion criteria• Teleworking Digital transformation• Yamaha Global AwardFoundationWorkstyle reforms and human resource system developmentEnhancement of Global Human CapitalHuman Resource InitiativesHuman Resource PlatformEmbodying the Unique Style of Yamaha MotorEach employee working to create Kando by boldly taking on their own individual challengesWhere fun and excitement exist at both work and in personal lifeEmployees with professionalism and independent thinkingEmployees with distinct and diverse individual strengthsConnected across borders of every kindInnovationExcitementConfidenceEmotionTiesTalented Human ResourcesSpirit of Challenge48Foundations for Creating CompetitivenessYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2021

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