Integrated Report 2021(For the year ended December 31, 2020)

Bolstering Our One-to-One Marketing and Driving Digital Transformation with an Eye on the Post-COVID-19 New Normal In India, we are implementing various user experience-driven initiatives for increasing customer touchpoints and generating engagement benefits in preparation for the new normal to come following the COVID-19 pandemic.Specifically, we are raising the targeting accuracy of conven-tional means by utilizing lead marketing and customer data in online advertisements and the like while developing online sales systems for vehicles, parts, and accessories. Websites have been positioned as venues for stimulating the purchasing intent of customers who will not—or cannot—visit dealerships and for taking actions that lead to purchases. Content, user flow paths, data structures, and more are being improved with this in mind.In addition, virtual stores have been created as a new type of content that accommodates the coming new normal, featuring reservation systems based on current dealership inventories, prod-uct image displays tailored to customer traits, and more.Dealerships in Russia Sharing Their Experiences to Facilitate Mutual LearningIn Russia, we are running the Yamaha University Bus program in which we visit dealer-ships together with representatives from other dealerships so that they can learn from each other’s strengths in order to deliver better experiences to customers. Applying lessons we learned from a successful initiative in Brazil, we are endeavoring to extend our customer-oriented focus to our dealers.During fiscal 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced lockdowns and brought forth challenging business conditions for us. However, even amid this adversity, we have continued to promote the sharing of experi-ences among dealerships for mutual learning through the same “Teach and Learn” approach being applied on a global scale in order to overcome our current difficulties. By sharing successful initiatives by dealer-ships, we are facilitating action based on The Global Yamaha Way in Marketing in Sales.Message from ManagementKyoko ShimoishiGeneral Director, LLC Yamaha Motor CIS (YMCIS)Digital Marketing Initiatives in India Bold utilization of digital technologies for conducting communication tailored to each individual customer’s intent and situationLearn about the product and check inventory1. Website Renovation2. Online Sales Proactive approach from Yamaha Motor based on website viewing historyReserveFirst visit PaymentSecond visit Pickup or deliveryEverything from product selection to sales talk made possible from homeWebYamaha serverYAMAHAYAMAHAInformation distribution and display based on user area and movement history47Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2021

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