Integrated Report 2021(For the year ended December 31, 2020)

Marketing That Showcases and Augments Yamaha Motor’s Strengths The Company established “The Global Yamaha Way in Marketing in Sales” to clarify our shared values for conducting marketing in the realm of sales. The overarching vision of this manifesto is “Continuing to Create Lifetime Yamaha Customers,” and the program itself brings Yamaha sales bases around the world together to globally share, teach, and learn from one another the knowledge they have cultivated individually while spurring each other to greater heights.Yamaha Motor divides the customer journey into its own seven steps and conducts customer-centric activities for each. This pro-vides a common framework for deliberation among our bases around the world in order to define the objectives, identify the target customers, and thoroughly determine aims and actions aligned with said customers. In sharing successful marketing cases, we employ a “teach and learn” approach that examines why the case was successful, what difficulties were faced, and what is needed for continued success. Doing so leads to in-depth study and discerning of the key factors of the case, and the knowledge born of the discussions is then formulated, accumu-lated, and shared globally, leading to new successes. Having members from around the world who share the same values gather in the same location for meaningful, customer-centric discussion not only enhances teamwork but also enables the application of knowledge from other countries and will propel us to the front of global competition.Accelerating the Sharing of Dealership Successes: MiS Activities Permeating Sales Efforts in Indonesia Yamaha Motor’s Marketing in Sales (MiS) activities are permeating all levels of sales in Indonesia, spreading not just among in-house sales and marketing representatives but also our dealership part-ners and their staff.In these activities, dealerships in various areas come together to share individual successes they have had based on common themes and mutually communicate insights, teaching and learning from one another via discussion.These activities were moved online and continued under the COVID-19 pandemic for Yamaha’s One Team to continue creating lifelong customers even in the face of market stagnation and activity restrictions. To further accelerate such activities, the Company plans to hold a shop manager competition in fiscal 2021 for 1,200 dealership managers selected from various regions around Indonesia.Sales (Marketing)Marketing positions customer needs as the starting point of all corporate endeavors and our endless pursuit of greater customer satisfaction is how we seek to achieve sustainable growth.Online Area Marketing in Sales Meeting in 2020ShareAwarenessInterestSearchVisitPurchaseExperienceDecisionPsychologicalCustomerSeven Steps of the Customer Journey as defined by Yamaha MotorExperienceAction46Foundations for Creating CompetitivenessYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2021

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