Integrated Report 2021(For the year ended December 31, 2020)

Intellectual Property Activities Underpinning Business Strategies Yamaha Motor utilizes an intellectual property mix combining patents, design rights, and trademarks.The Company prides itself on the unique designs of its products. Thus we take proactive steps to secure not only the design rights for external designs but also patents for external designs that serve a role from a functional or technological perspective in order to comprehensively protect Yamaha product designs and create unique value.In addition to protecting the intellectual properties that underpin Yamaha Motor’s unique product designs and business activities, we coordinate with the intellectual property authorities and other bodies in each market to formulate a resolute response to any violations of our intellectual property rights. Furthermore, the Yamaha brand has been registered as a trademark in almost every corner of the world to lead the Company’s value creation in countries across the globe from the per-spective of intellectual property.First-Ever Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office Award at Intellectual Property Achievement AwardsYamaha Motor believes that product design makes significant contributions to its manage-ment and branding, and positions design alongside concepts and technologies as part of its management foundation. To that end, we have remained committed to creating organiza-tions and developing human resources in the field of design, and these efforts have won recognition with the Company’s first-ever Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office Award at the Intellectual Property Achievement Awards held in April 2021. This award signifies that Yamaha Motor is practicing design-based management effectively utilizing intellectual prop-erty systems.Going forward, Yamaha Motor will continue to offer new excitement and a more fulfilling life for people all over the world as a Kando Creating Company while carrying on its initiatives aimed at raising corporate and brand value.TopicWinning Points of Praise (Excerpt)• Established the Design Center in 2012 based on the president at the time’s (currently chairman of the Board of Directors) uncompromising stance to protect the Company’s concepts and designs, and promoted the unification of concepts and designs that previously differed by business unit• Practices design-based management based on strong recognition of the need to communicate to customers the meaning and significance of purchasing a Yamaha in a world where products quickly become commodities• In addition to having the head of design present at management meetings, designers participate in formulating business strategies, thus the Company supports the process of clarifying the meaning behind the value to be delivered to customers• Efforts taken by intellectual property departments to improve corporate value through intellectual property activities that contribute to the business under the “IP for Business” bannerAward ceremonyMOTOROiD design rightsIntellectual Property Mix and External Design Patent Examples for the BW’STrademark(2008–)(2015–)(2020–)Patent for the front design accounting for air resistancePatent for the side design accounting for underseat storage spacePatentsDesign rightsPatent for the front design for rainwater deflectionPatent for the side design for increasing passenger comfortPatentsDesign rightsPatent application submitted that treats the unique front cover design as a functional partPatentDesign rights41Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2021

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