Integrated Report 2021(For the year ended December 31, 2020)

Collaborations between Industry and Academia to Design “Meaning”Designing a Method for Leveraging the Design Development Process in MarketingFrom our corporate mission of creating Kando, we are working together with cutting-edge research institutes in Japan and abroad in a collabora-tive effort between industry and academia. This research matches Yamaha Motor’s experience and accumulated “ART” with science to ask what kind of Kando resonates with people’s hearts and society and what must be done to create it. This enables us to not only design what brings happiness to people and society from the core but also allows us to design new value from possibilities that people are still not aware of. From these endeavors, we gain an understanding of what holds “new meaning” for customers and the crucial elements for creating experi-ential value and happiness for the next generation.Yamaha VR MarinaThrough a unique approach, we are moving forward with the research and implementation of our Design DX to innovate the processes in product development under the “Y-DX2: Strengthen the Present” action theme.We employed digital technology to launch the Yamaha VR Marina, a virtual showroom that we unveiled at the Japan International Boat Show in April 2020. Even those not able to visit the show in person could still see every detail of our boats, as if they were actually there.Case Study of Activities with Kyoto University: Culture Creation Process for MotorcyclesARTScienceExperiences and ties with customersArtistic thinkingSociological analysisPsychological analysisChanges in social structureAspirations and anxieties of individualsNew culture creationKyoto UniversityYamaha MotorThe Company prepares its BooM modular booth decoration system as show-ready content. By using it to match different events in various countries, Yamaha can project a diverse, yet consistent booth design.37Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2021

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