Integrated Report 2021(For the year ended December 31, 2020)

Branding and Design Bringing Happiness to All In addition to its roles in product and advanced design, the Creative Center promotes activities for proposing value in a new era with the aim of creating synergies with our brand marketing functions.In order to achieve our Long-Term Vision for 2030 of “ART for Human Possibilities: Let’s strive for greater happiness,” instead of viewing everything—from the formulation of management plans and the development of products and services to marketing—as separate, individual activities, we regard them all as “branding” and carry out all of them with equal importance and creativity. I regard this approach as our response to the expectations placed upon Yamaha Motor—long known for its design—as well as our mission and role in bringing greater happiness to all.The Company believes that an important objective of management is to further raise the value of the Yamaha brand and make it shine. Based on our view that design contributes to management and branding, we established the Design Center in fiscal 2012 before restructuring it as the Creative Center in fiscal 2020 to boost the drivers of the brand, and we engage in a range of initiatives aimed at enhancing brand value.Branding Connecting the History of the Unique Style of Yamaha to the Future Creative Branding & DesignAkihiro NagayaExecutive Officer,Chief General Manager of Creative Center,Brand Committee ChairmanIn conducting our internal branding, we use our Innovation Map that lays out everything from how the unique style of Yamaha has evolved over the years to our Long-Term Vision in a single connected visual narrative. This highlights and describes key individual events across the Company’s history, from our founding and onward to the future, and displays how they are all related, making it easy to grasp how our tradition of innovation has evolved. Encouraging employees to feel closer to the Company and the brand helps create a collective mindset for achieving the Long-Term Vision.34Foundations for Creating CompetitivenessYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2021

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