Integrated Report 2021(For the year ended December 31, 2020)

Resolving Societal Issues through ARTInnovationThe Company launched its new Tricity 300 LMW model in Europe and Japan. This is Yamaha’s first production model to employ the new Standing Assist system that helps the vehicle stand on its own when stopped. In some European countries, car license holders are able to ride the Tricity 300 without acquiring a motor-cycle license, helping us reach new customers. Sales of this model were strong in fiscal 2020, with 2,900 units sold in Europe and around 660 units sold in Japan following its September launch.ARTLaunch of New LMW ModelYamaha Motor completed development of the YRM20 as the first in its YRM Series of all-new next-generation mounter platforms embodying the Company’s Intelligent Factory concept. The YRM20 is a new, premium, high-efficiency modular that combines two unique technologies representing Yamaha Motor’s history of excellence in the field: the rotary head from the ∑ Series and the in-line head primarily used with the YSM Series. Going forward, Yamaha Motor will continue to expand its lineup of next- generation YRM Series mounter platforms.ARTDevelopment of High-Efficiency, Multifunctional PlatformsFactories’ logistics operations are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain efficient demand-driven production systems under the existing model of basing equipment and operations on worker stationing due to a growing demand for high-mix, low-volume production combined with chronic labor shortages. To tackle this issue, Yamaha Motor and Tier IV, Inc. have established eve auton-omy, Inc. as a joint venture company in the automated transport solutions business, and transport operations commenced in March 2020.ARTEstablishment of Joint Venture Company for Automated Transport Solutions24Toward Sustainable GrowthYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2021

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