Integrated Report 2021(For the year ended December 31, 2020)

Transportation, Education, and IndustryJapan has the most aged society in the world and thus faces a variety of social challenges, from ensuring accessible modes of transportation for the elderly to regional disparities between urban and rural areas. Other countries around the world with aging societies are paying close attention to developments in Japan. By providing compact, low-speed forms of mobility such as its electric carts for first/last-mile mobility solutions, the Company looks to aid community building employing such “slow mobility” and create uniquely Yamaha value in mobility, and thereby not only address important societal issues such as transportation, health, and industrial development but also introduce fun to the value of mobility itself. Although the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the deployment of fee-based services in fiscal 2020, we were able to conduct field tests in 18 locations across Japan.ARTPromotion of Low-Speed Mobility ServicesBeginning with the Indonesian market, Yamaha Motor launched models featuring onboard connectivity and in fiscal 2020 sold 74,000 NMAX and 18,000 AEROX models with connected fea-tures in the country. Connected vehicles make it easier to visualize and track acquired vehicle data and thereby offer personalized services based on that data. This enables more convenient after-sales service by informing users of the appropriate timing for vehicle inspections and encouraging visits to official dealerships for proper maintenance. We plan to roll out connected features on a global scale going forward.ARTLaunch of New Connected NMAX and AEROX ModelsUnder the COVID-19 pandemic, the Yamaha Riding Academy developed and implemented methods for effective online instruc-tion and held courses a total of 3,353 times in countries around the world for some 67,000 participants. The frequency of traffic accidents is particularly high in ASEAN nations, and from the standpoint that traffic and riding safety education from an early age is important, the Company offers a wide range of relevant safety content—covering children to professional riders—in its safety education and promotion efforts.ARTWorldwide Efforts for Riding Safety23Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2021

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