Integrated Report 2021(For the year ended December 31, 2020)

Medium-term targets (2019 to 2021)Progress in 2020See more onSDGsProducts: 13.75% reduction (compared with 2010)Production activities: 17.36% reduction (compared with 2010)Products: 15.8% reduction (compared with 2010)Production activities: 41.2% reduction (compared with 2010)P.26–Launch uniquely Yamaha electric products and establish a development platform for themContinued development of electric motorcycles toward making market launchesTook part in field tests organized by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) aimed at popularizing electric motorcyclesReceived the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award at the Technology Management and Innovation Awards for electrically power-assisted bicycles (PAS)Conducted field testing for the TRITOWN standing electric micromobility modelP.22Conducted waterborne field tests for the HARMO electric boat control systemP.22Launched the YPJ-MT Pro electrically power-assisted mountain bike simultaneously in Japan and the United States (YDX-MORO Pro) (September)P.22Reduce waste by 10.5% (compared with 2010) * Yamaha Motor on a non-consolidated basis26.0% reduction (compared with 2010) * Yamaha Motor on a non-consolidated basisP.26–Bring the number of water purification systems (Yamaha Clean Water Supply System) installed to 50* Target changed due to COVID-19Number of water purification systems installed: 42* Severe installation delays due to COVID-19Initiatives to address the issue of ocean plastic wasteTook part in the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)’s activities for popularizing ocean literacyOffer a number of solution proposals in the fishing industryDrove discussions with several companies regarding measures to address issues facing the fishing industrySafe riding training opportunities (Yamaha Riding Academy): Hold 2,000 courses with 180,000 participants in 2021 Number of countries with trainers: 20Riding safety training opportunities: Held 3,353 courses globally with approximately 67,000 participants Number of countries with trainers: 15* Increased the number of courses held by introducing safety training at dealerships and through online training, despite restrictions in various countries due to COVID-19P.23Establish prospects for commercialization of low-speed mobility servicesRaised awareness in rural areas through steady promotions and made progress in identifying issuesTook part in field testing at 18 locations in Japan in various capacities, including by providing vehicles* Switch to a fee-based service delayed due to COVID-19P.23Supply several thousand electrically power-assisted bicycles to local governments through cooperation with the national governmentDelivered a total of 100 electrically power-assisted bicycles to local governments and rental operatorsSupply 200,000 motorcycles equipped with connected digital devices to the market per yearNumber of motorcycles equipped with connected devices: 92,000 in total• Connected NMAX:74,000• Connected AEROX:18,000P.23Market penetration of LMWs and other new-value forms of mobility by expanding the model lineupLaunched the Tricity 300 in July in Europe and October in JapanConducted field testing for the TRITOWN standing electric micromobility modelP.24Develop highly efficient, multifunctional platforms and high-speed platforms for the robotics sectorLaunched the YRM20 designed to be a high-efficiency multifunctional platform (April)P.24Integrate automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) into factory floor operationsEstablished eve autonomy, Inc. with Tier IV as a joint venture company in the automated transport solutions business (February)P.24Launch and use of autonomous dronesLaunched the YMR-08AP (March)Commenced operation of the Yamaha Motor Smart Agriculture Platform (YSAP), a cloud-based spraying management systemP.25Establish prospects for autonomous harvesting of more than one variety of cropInitiatives such as proof-of-concept testing underway in Japan to address issuesCarried out two tests at a farm and testing facilityP.25Promote activities for increasing the ratio of local talented personnel in management positions to 60% at overseas subsidiariesContinue global recruitment (over 10% of new graduates in regular positions at headquarters)50%10%P.48Number of women in management positions: 48 by 2025 (16 women were in management positions in 2014)Obtain national certifications (Japan)Number of women in management positions: 38 (as of January 2021)Efforts underway toward receiving certification21Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2021

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