Integrated Report 2021(For the year ended December 31, 2020)

Raising Our Corporate Value and the Mission We Must Fulfill as Yamaha Motor On business trips to various countries around the world, I often have the opportunity to talk with local people, from airport staff to taxi drivers. In these interactions, after being asked what my occupation is, the conversation becomes lively when I reply that I work for Yamaha Motor. Whenever I have these encounters, I feel genuinely proud of Yamaha Motor as a company. Almost 130 years have passed since the Yamaha brand was born and over 65 years have gone by since we turned our hand to motorcycles. Over our long journey, we have been able to establish the Yamaha brand’s reputation across the world because our commitment to creating the value we call Kando has been recognized by customers. I view this commitment as our greatest strength. Our workforce is diverse, with employees hailing from many different countries and regions, but what is shared among all of them is a deep loyalty to the Yamaha brand and that forms part of our corporate culture. The corporate mission of Yamaha Motor is to be a Kando Creating Company. As a member of the Company myself, I want to hold our corporate culture up high so that each and every employee can take pride in the Yamaha brand and continue delivering Kando through our products and services.The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a sense of stagnation throughout society, and although there is still uncertainty about the future, people can still discover Kando and joy under such circumstances. When I see children across the globe riding around on the motorcycles we make for them, I am reminded once again that delivering Kando and delight is our most important mission.Always delivering joy, excitement, and happiness to people around the world through our range of products and services also leads to our own personal, sustainable growth. To continue creating new value, we will not fear change and aim to achieve our Long-Term Vision for 2030 of ART for Human Possibilities by continuing to boldly take on uniquely Yamaha challenges.the development of a model taking our LMW platform and technologies, which we have been refining for many years, even further. In a new field of mobility located between automobiles and motorcycles, we will aim to further reduce CO2 emissions per person.We have no choice but to admit that the challenge of achieving carbon neutrality presents us with major risks, but we will still boldly take on challenges while carefully assessing customer needs. Yoshihiro HidakaPresident, Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director17Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2021

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