Integrated Report 2021(For the year ended December 31, 2020)

Foundations for Creating CompetitivenessMaximizing Our Environmental and Social ValueYamaha Motor’s business model is to provide unique, high-quality products and services that accurately reflect societal and customer needs by applying its Spirit of Challenge, which has been handed down as the Company’s DNA, and the technolo-gies it has created and refined to date. The very reason for the Company’s existence as a Kando Creating Company is to give society and customers experiences of Kando unique to Yamaha Motor that intertwine technologies and human sensitivities.By expanding human possibilities and through our products and services that create Kando, we are aiming to achieve sustainable growth as well as create a better society and more fulfilling lives.Important Societal Issues8IntroductionYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2021• Global production system and inter-regional product distribution system• Abundant plant management expertise and technology• Leading manufacturing technologies and strong on-site capabilities• Design that contributes to management and branding• Design capabilities that express individuality • Global sales network• Strong teamwork of dealerships, regional sales bases, and Yamaha Motor• Marketing methods that connect with customers over a lifetime• Consumer-oriented development ideal• Global R&D structure• Original and innovative ability to conceive new technologies• Creative, advanced technological capabilities and core technological competencies• Proprietary product development methodsBrandingProcurement / Manufacturing and ProductionP.42, 44R&DP.38SalesP.46DesignP.34Environment and resourcesTransportation, education, and industryInnovationHuman capital managementHuman Resource Development• Talented global personnel who embody the brand• Diverse specialist skills and management ability• Diversity in terms of specialization, nationality and culture, and genderP.48P.34Kando Creating CompanyCorporate MissionInnovationConfidenceEmotionTiesExcitement

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