Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2020

Environmental and Social-Related DataItemUnit20152016201720182019Sales of low-carbon productsNumber of fuel-injected motorcycles soldThousands of vehicles3,2883,2033,5243,5644,246Number of motorcycles featuring a BLUE CORE engine sold1,5561,9942,5382,8002,901Number of electrically power-assisted bicycles sold (including number of drive units)356448489569648SASB Index*ItemUnit2019Activity MetricTR-AU-000.ANumber of vehicles manufacturedThousands of vehicles4,960 TR-AU-000.BNumber of vehicles soldThousands of vehicles5,056 Product SafetyTR-AU-250a.2Number of safety-related defect complaints, percentage investigated%100* Investigated all complaints that the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan has requested to investigateTR-AU-250a.3Number of motorcycles recalled (in Japan)Number17,696 (in Japan)Labor PracticesTR-AU-310a.1Percentage of active workforce covered under collective bargaining agreements%58 TR-AU-310a.2Number of work stoppages due to strikes and lockoutsNumber0 Number of workers involved in work stoppages, multiplied by number of days idleMan-days0 Fuel Economy & Use-Phase EmissionsTR-AU-410a.1Sales-weighted average passenger fleet fuel economy, by regionAsiakm/L49 EuropegCO2/km89 North Americampg56 Japankm/L42 Oceaniakm/L26 Central and South Americakm/L48 Otherkm/L48 TR-AU-410a.2Number of (1) zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) sold, (2) hybrid vehicles (HEVs) sold, and (3) plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) soldNumberNot applicableTR-AU-410a.3Strategy for managing model-year fuel economy and emissions risks and opportunitiesShort-term, Medium-term, and Long-term Risks and Opportunities > Short-term Risks (0–3 Years)Materials SourcingTR-AU-440a.1Management of risks associated with the use of critical materialsMajor Risks Associated with Transitioning to a Low Carbon Society > Technological RisksMaterials Efficiency & RecyclingTR-AU-440b.1Weight of end-of-life products recoveredt64,748Percentage of above waste recycled%70.1TR-AU-440b.2Weight of end-of-life products recoveredt—Percentage of materials recycled from end-of-life products%97.4 (on a weight basis) * FY2018 domestic recycling resultsTR-AU-440b.3Recyclability of productsPercentage (%) by sales-weighted metric tons (t)Target value: Set at 90%* A disclosure index for the automotive industry required by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) TR: Transportation; AU: AutomobilesSASB RequirementsClimate Change Mitigation MeasuresFacts and Data80Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2020

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