Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2020

We will free up new time for clients by offering solutions to problems present in various fields.Our Robotics business began with the commencing of development aimed at streamlining the production of our motorcycles. Today, the business’ offerings include industrial robots used for automating pro-cesses at various client factories, surface mount technology (SMT) devices and equipment used for manufacturing the electronic circuit boards built into all kinds of products, and industrial-use unmanned helicopters and drones leveraging Yamaha’s core competency in electronic control.With the increase in demand for automation in recent years, we set “business scale and area expansion and reinforcement of high profitabil-ity” as a medium-term priority measure, and we will move to expand our lineup of products and services for accelerating factory automation while also examining new fields where we can contribute to labor savings, including outside the factory sphere.In July 2019, the Company acquired SHINKAWA LTD., renaming it Yamaha Motor Robotics Holdings Co., Ltd. (YMRH) in the process, and is working to set up a structure to offer complete solutions, from semicon-ductor post-processing through to surface mounting processes, by combining the technologies and products of both companies. In addi-tion, we intend to move toward a platform model for surface mounting processes to increase the value delivered to clients.Furthermore, in the Robotics business we are focusing our efforts on the agricultural sector in particular in order to realize the Long-Term Vision. Developed markets are starting to see increasingly higher labor shortages in fruit and vegetable farming, so to further increase labor savings and productivity in agriculture going forward, we will apply the expertise we have accrued both domestically and internationally in the unmanned helicopter space and more aggressively bring drones and unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) to market. In this way, we will con-tribute toward a more stable provision of foodstuffs.Utilizing robotics, we will free up new time for clients by offering solutions to problems present in a variety of sectors, including manu-facturing, agriculture, and medical research.RoboticsMarkets and conditions at Yamaha MotorMain competitorsSMTWe are pursuing both tangible and intangible commonalities under our platform strategy to expand our business scale and reinforce our profitability.Fuji Machine, Panasonic, ASM Pacific Technology, JUKI, Hanwha TechwinIndustrial robotsWe are strengthening model variations while pursuing both tangible and intangible commonalities to expand our business scale and reinforce our profitability.Epson, Mitsubishi, Denso, IAIUnmanned helicopters and dronesWe are launching multirotor drones in addition to our proven unmanned helicopters and will also establish a track record for precision agriculture.DJISemiconductor post- processing equipmentWe are working to further build our customer base by building a seamless collaborative system that offers one-stop proposals that cover the entire semiconductor manufacturing process.ASM, Besi, Fuji, TowaOverview of Primary Products and Main CompetitorsOpportunities• Growing need for automation due to labor shortages in Japan and rising labor costs in emerging markets• Progression of more advanced automation in line with the development of new fields such as the IoT and “connected, autonomous, shared & services, and electric” (CASE) vehiclesRisks• Deterioration of demand due to changes in world affairs• Intensifying competition resulting from new players entering the marketStrengths• Ability to mass-produce with high quality and at low cost• A mixture of technologies via business integration with YMRH and provision of complete solutions for clientsHiroyuki OtaExecutive Officer,Chief General Manager of Solution Business OperationsBusiness Strategy74Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2020

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