Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2020

199020102000Helping resolve societal issues with products combining technologiesTo alleviate the burdens accompanying strenu-ous manual labor tasks, such as spraying agrichemicals by hand in the agricultural sector, we began developing industrial-use unmanned helicopters utilizing our small-engine, FRP, and electronic control technologies. Today, these helicopters not only contribute to labor savings and greater efficiency in agriculture but are also utilized by research institutions and other bodies for academic studies and research, disaster response, surveys and observation, and more.Diverse Monozukuri contributing to a more sustainable societyWe are pairing our core technological compe-tencies with advanced technologies to further evolve and diversify our motorcycle and marine product lineups, but we are also moving forward with our Yamaha Clean Water Supply System project for emerging markets, an initiative first started in the 1990s. By making the system operable by the local residents themselves, the resulting stable supply of clean water helps resolve social issues they face.Working for both Kando and the environmentApplying the electronic control technologies developed with the PAS electrically power-assisted bicycle launched in 1993—the first mass-produced vehicle of its kind in the world—and the latest in human-interface technology, we successfully practicalized an eco-friendly electric commuter vehicle that produced no emissions and little noise. The research on fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) we were also conducting at the time directly contributed to our current development of new forms of mobility.1993Japan’s first electrically power-assisted bicyclePAS1987 Industrial-use unmanned helicopterR50 (L09)2010 Small-scale water purification systemYamaha Clean Water Supply System2017 Cell picking & imaging systemCELL HANDLER™2018 Sport LMW*NIKEN1995 Wheelchair electric power unitJW-I2002 Electric commuter vehiclePassol1987 Surface mounter for printed circuit boardsYM4600S2014 Our first LMW* Tricity* Leaning Multi-Wheel: Yamaha Motor’s designation for vehicles with three or more wheels that lean like a motorcycle through turns5Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2020

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