Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2020

Kamigama Once the COVID-19 pandemic reaches some kind of conclusion, the post-COVID-19 world so to speak, one can expect Yamaha Motor’s customer base to change signifi-cantly and I’m looking at the possibilities for developing a new customer base from here onward. For example, con-sumers who had yet to show even the slightest interest in marine leisure may begin turning their attention to marine products. The Company must conduct marketing research on potential developments that include this kind of scenario and tailor a suitable strategy. If it does so, the Company will surely discover a new and different approach. In terms of unmanned technologies and automation, robotics is likely to become increasingly vital so there will be a wealth of busi-ness opportunities for Yamaha Motor. Also, we obviously must anticipate the societal changes that the technological advances in AI, IoT, and the like will bring about. In this context, I hope that the Company will take charge and push forward in order to create products unique to Yamaha and ones that astound the world. I would like the Company to make products that receive acclaim from people across the globe, reaffirming their high regard for the Yamaha brand.Tashiro I agree. Yamaha Motor has some amazing technolo-gies and plenty of potential to grow significantly in this era of dramatic change. Nevertheless, the Company will likely encounter difficulties when it attempts to move into a new market instead of an existing one if it’s done solely with its own personnel. To make a breakthrough, I think it would be worth Yamaha Motor taking on the challenge of approach-ing matters from the perspective of those with completely different ideas. For example, having non-Japanese people take part in important investment decisions or seeking the opinions of individuals from markets that Yamaha Motor has not previously targeted. The Company has carried out ample research on existing markets and I am well aware of the fact that it has initiated various measures. However, the break-through I speak of must incorporate outside perspectives. Outside directors are one way to provide these perspectives, so I personally intend to offer the views of an outsider and actively voice my insights.Kamigama It was clear during the formulation process for the Long-Term Vision and the current Medium-Term Management Plan that the Company is really striving to break out of its shell. I think that we outside directors are a group for supporting and facilitating those efforts, so let’s continue to work hard so that Yamaha Motor can make further progress as a “Kando Creating Company.”I would like the Company to continue providing people around the world with products only Yamaha Motor can create.57Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2020

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