Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2020

Dialogue between Outside DirectorsOur Expectations of Yamaha MotorKamigama Lastly, I would like to discuss our expectations of Yamaha Motor without being confined to the corporate governance sphere. In terms of the duties required of out-side directors, the supervisory role comes first and foremost, but I do want the Company to grow, and for that to happen I sincerely want to see new, uniquely Yamaha products developed. My background is in engineering and I have, in fact, been making recommendations regarding Yamaha Motor’s technological initiatives and been given the oppor-tunity to exchange opinions directly with the general man-agers of several technical divisions. I would like to see an increase in opportunities to communicate not only with upper management but also with others in management positions and frontline employees, and I would be delighted if the Company could leverage my experience in the devel-opment of a new product.Tashiro The global COVID-19 pandemic is likely to funda-mentally change society going forward and that may bring forth dire business conditions for many companies. Nevertheless, such conditions also provide the chance to create something new. The demand for unmanned tech-nologies and automation is expected to grow even more, and I believe that new forms of leisure, recreation, and transportation unlike any before are certain to emerge. If Yamaha Motor can quickly gather information on what people really want and what kind of products they are look-ing for, I know that it is capable of turning that information into something tangible and innovative. For that reason, as I stated earlier, the creation of a global communication net-work will become even more important.The fact that Yamaha Motor is a global company makes it even more important to establish a worldwide communication network that responds quickly and in a multifaceted manner to dramatic changes in the business environment.positions where they leverage their talents. In Singapore, for example, almost all of those in charge of procurement are women. Incorporating this kind of perspective is key because if simply increasing the number of executive and manage-ment positions held by women becomes the goal, it does not necessarily lead to positive outcomes in many cases.Tashiro The same can be said for the promotion of non-Japanese employees. In a context where most of Yamaha Motor’s customers are not Japanese, there are various effects that we can expect through the promotion of non-Japanese people. We should discuss such topics more often, including at meetings of the Executive Personnel Committee.Corporate Governance56Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2020

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