Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2020

Dialogue between Outside DirectorsWe will further develop corporate governance so that we can continue to be a “Kando Creating Company.”Outside directors Takehiro Kamigama and Yuko Tashiro discussed their respective assessments of Yamaha Motor’s corporate governance, its overall goals and direction, and their expectations of the Company.An Assessment of Yamaha Motor’s Corporate GovernanceKamigama About a year and a half has passed since you became an outside director. What was your initial impression of Yamaha Motor’s corporate governance at the time?Tashiro When I joined a Yamaha Motor Board meeting for the first time, I was quite surprised at how outside directors, including you, proactively and frankly voiced their opinions on each proposal. I have served as an outside director at other companies, but it’s rare for discussions to get as heated as they do at Yamaha Motor, so I had the impression that its Board of Directors functions very effectively.Kamigama I became an outside director a year before you did, around the time Chairman Yanagi’s role became devoted to supervision. I believe that the move toward livelier discus-sions under his strong leadership may be what created the current atmosphere at Board meetings. It’s conducive to outside directors candidly speaking their mind and the executive side responds to that with sincerity. I feel that Yamaha Motor’s Board meetings are occasions for really open discussions.Tashiro I agree. When we outside directors advise caution or point out a possible flaw in a proposal, the executive officers respond in a highly flexible manner, offering to reexamine the proposal or even withdraw it in some cases. I feel this style or culture of discussion is still uncommon for a Japanese company. In a society where Board meetings are often held simply to vote on what has already been decided, it’s admi-rable that there is a process at Yamaha to repeatedly hold these kinds of discussions.Kamigama The Board of Directors operates in a manner that conveys its intent to actively incorporate our input and opinions as much as possible, such as notifying outside directors in advance of proposals to be voted on at the next Takehiro KamigamaOutside DirectorYuko TashiroOutside DirectorCorporate Governance54Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2020

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