Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2020

Corporate Governance to Go Even Higher Creating Opportunities and Human Resources to Energize Our Value-Creation ProcessI want to further energize Yamaha Motor’s value-creation process in order for the Company to achieve sustain-able growth.I believe that opportunities and human resources are the Company’s platform for creating value, and the Board of Directors is also placing importance on nurturing global talents that embody the Yamaha brand. With that in mind, we are making further additions to the management training program we implement for globally selected candidates as well as providing to those chosen for future company management the opportunities to gain work experience in multiple fields, while stationed overseas, and as presidents of our subsidiaries in order to foster the sense and sensibility for management, business execution capabilities, and leadership skills. Furthermore, we are advancing the promotion of non-Japanese management-level human resources, with the number of non-Japanese executive officers increased from two to five in 2020.In addition, we established the Global Execution Transformation (GET) in 2020 seeking to create a framework to enable cross-functional business execution on a global scale from anywhere in the world. The executive officers in charge of each corporate function and globally capable human resources with high special-ist expertise will be jointly responsible for promoting global activities related to management and business functions, such as standardizing and enhancing management methods, advancing issues, and cultivating human resources. Further Developing Our Corporate GovernanceIn our daily analysis of market data in order to address the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are beginning to see new and unprecedented market developments. The values of customers and of society as a whole are starting to change rapidly, and this diversification is expected to further pick up speed going forward.In particular, we are seeing greater calls for the digitalization of work styles, operations, and marketing, as well as the personalization and “smartification” of mobility. Yamaha Motor will strive to develop new forms of mobil-ity while stepping up its digital transformation initiatives more than ever before. We also expect interest in and awareness of sustainability—headed by terms like ESG and the SDGs—to rise.To respond to such major societal changes and grow as a company that continues to create new value, it is imperative that we establish management systems that spur innovation and improve sustainability. To that end, Yamaha Motor will aim to further enhance our corporate governance while continuing to prize our corporate culture of taking on challenges to create Kando by fusing cutting-edge technologies with human sensitivities.53Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2020

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