Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2020

Yamaha StyleThe integration of science, non-science, and artNever be trapped by rigid preconceptions about what is normalBe innovative and passionateEnvision something new and bring it to lifeThe courage to not fear failureThe ingenuity and determination to turn failure into successThink and cooperate as a team, as you cannot succeed aloneTake on challenges only Yamaha canTakanobu HorikawaGeneral Manager and CoachThe Challenge of a Second CareerAfter retiring from professional play in 2016, I was given the opportunity for onsite training overseas and I am currently handling sales for the southern areas of India at YMIS, our subsidiary in the world’s largest motorcycle market of India. I feel that my rugby experiences are proving useful in terms of adapting to changing environments, communication skills, stamina, teamwork, and other areas. Under our goal of creating more Yamaha fans, I’m conducting a variety of marketing activities as a team with YMIS employees, and I’m glad the first chal-lenge of my second career is here in India.Yoshinori SogabeYamaha Motor India Sales Pvt. Ltd. (YMIS)Yamaha Motor Jubilo’s Team Vision • A strong team that is No.1 in Japan and can take on the world’s best• A team that is loved and supported by employees and the community• A team that can share exhilarating momentsThe Yamaha Style employed by Yamaha Motor Jubilo aims to embody Yamaha through rugby and designates as its mission the creation of new Kando through innovation and passion. We are working to unlock the individual capabilities of players to the fullest by instructing them using the Japanese shuhari (learn, reflect, and transcend) method as our coaching philosophy.This is because we are convinced that every team member continuously giving their maximum of their own volition—regard-less of the circumstances—will ultimately lead to the maximization of our team’s strength overall, as indicated in this season’s team slogan of Maximize.The evolution of our Yamaha Style is about creating a lasting cycle of the shuhari philosophy, and we will endeavor to carry on Yamaha’s legacy and aim for further growth.Unlocking the Full Potential of Players through the Yamaha StyleYamaha Motor Jubilo rugby players carry out their strenuous daily training as well as their duties as Yamaha Motor employees. “They obtain the knowledge and certifications needed for their work just like everyone else.” “They are popular at work and supported by many fellow employees. They also look out for and are looked up to by younger employees.” These are some of the comments received, showing how the players are held in high regard and supported by many of their workplace colleagues.The Company currently has 80 employees who are former members of its rugby club, and 37 of them—over 40%—have previously been stationed overseas. There are currently 19 such employees active in markets and production sites overseas, while 36 former members are demonstrating leadership in management positions and seven serve as general managers.Workplace Colleagues Supporting the Players51Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2020

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