Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2020

Yamaha Motor’s Sporting ActivitiesOur wide-ranging participation in and promotion of sports, from the racing and sailing efforts that have continued uninterrupted since our earliest days to the work of the Yamaha Motor Foundation for Sports, are prime examples of the corporate activities that we are engaged in over the long term as we seek to share Kando with people around the world. Among these activities, rugby is the sport we participate in with a company team as it strongly expresses the passion for sports in our corporate culture. Our rugby effort not only contributes to local communities but also helps foster internal unity and greatly adds to our corporate value.Our corporate culture includes a passion for sports and we view rugby as bringing benefits to corporate management and raising the motivation of our employees.Formed in 1982 as the Yamaha Motor Rugby Club, Yamaha Motor Jubilo won the Kansai A League in 2002 while overcoming many adversities before moving to competition in the Japan Rugby Top League in 2003. The team finished as the league runner-up in the 2014–2015 season and won the 52nd All-Japan Rugby Football Championship. Since then, the team has continued to feature in the standings as a title contender.Despite a smaller corporate size compared to other teams in the Top League, Yamaha Motor Jubilo takes strength from rugby tactics that combine players of outstanding ability and leverage their respective strengths by identifying their latent capabilities; and from its strong connection with Group employees, people from the local community, and its fans; as well as from their loud cheers of support. This strong connection was built through close community-oriented activities using the advantages of Yamaha Motor Jubilo’s more regional location, and the team will continue to take on challenges going forward.Rugby Classes at Local SchoolsYamaha Motor Jubilo operates a program for schools in Yamaha headquarters’ hometown of Iwata and neighboring communities with the aim of communicating to children and students the fun of sports and the importance of having dreams and goals through rugby and tag rugby. In cooperation with Shizuoka Prefecture’s Rugby World Cup legacy initiative, Yamaha Motor Jubilo players visited 72 elementary schools around the prefecture in 2019 to foster interest in rugby. The interactions with the children also energize the players and lead to their own growth as well.Operating a Rugby SchoolYamaha Motor Jubilo is the only Japan Rugby Top League team to directly manage and operate school activities, and the outreach program marked its 19th year in 2020. With current and former rugby club members as well as members of local club teams serv-ing as instructors, approximately 300 participants—from children to adults—play rugby on the same pitch used by top teams.Embodying the Spirit of Challenge—Yamaha Motor JubiloPopularizing Rugby and Contributing to the CommunityFoundations for Creating Competitiveness50Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2020

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