Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2020

Yamaha Motor views spurring internal communication and improving engagement, not only among employees themselves but also between management and employees and between employees and the organization, as a crucial element for achieving continuous growth in our corporate value. To that end, we are enhancing our internal communication tools centered on the publication of the company newsletter.A Company Newsletter Commended by EmployeesWe distribute 20,000 printed copies of our company newsletter in Japan every month. In addition to management-related information such as messages from management figures, the newsletter features running columns like A Life with Yamaha and Yamaha from the Outside. These are intended to encourage employees to adopt customer and stakeholder perspectives, and both have garnered a favorable reception from employees. Amid a growing lack of interest in reading among young people, over 90% of employees read the company newsletter and have indicated their satisfaction, with this metric standing at over 70% for employees in their 20s. By introduc-ing series featuring younger employees—such as Yamaha from the Inside and Power of the Factory Floor—and adopting a more creative design and modern layout, we grew the previously low readership of employees in their 20s and those in manufacturing divisions.The Power of the Factory Floor series focuses on employees on the factory floor who endeavor to maintain and improve quality, and presents a faithful picture of the wisdom and ingenuity handed down from generation to generation, the growth process as they acquire know-how and technical skills in production technology, their attitudes toward their work, and more. Communicating what it is like on the Monozukuri frontlines helps to maintain as well as raise the motivation of factory employees while also serving to remind those not involved in manufacturing of the Company’s identity. These articles have been selected by factory employees as their favorite newsletter content and are also highly regarded by administrative departments and among employees of all ages.Initiatives for Improving Employee EngagementYamaha Motor’s Internal Communication ToolsOur internal communication tools are comprised of the monthly company newsletter, which we have been publishing since 1964, an online version of the newsletter, videos produced for employee audiences, and digital signage. We are energizing internal com-munication by tailoring content to suit each medium and its characteristics. All the tools share a common editorial policy and the two main goals of 1) sharing and facilitating understanding of upper management visions and policies, and 2) improving internal brand awareness.Revs company newsletter91.1%of employees responded that they either read the entire newsletter or read only the articles of interestCompany Newsletter Employee QuestionnaireFoundations for Creating Competitiveness48Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2020

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