Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2020

Taking on a global perspective, we aim to create an organizational structure based on the Company and its employees having mutually high goals and ambitions; learning, growing, and working together; and sharing in the joys of our work. To that end, we are creating workplaces that respect and encourage diversity.Our Fundamental Perspective Based on our fundamental belief that all corporate activities originate from people, we believe it is crucial that our workforce incorporates diverse viewpoints and values, reflecting differing experiences, skills, and characteristics to create new Kando. To achieve this, we have developed and run standardized management development programs around the world, and have introduced global human resource systems to train and promote talented staff as we work to build an organization that utilizes global experience and knowledge.Human Resource Development While conducting its business on a global scale, the Company has designated Independence and Improvement, Teamwork, and Global as the prime vectors of its human resource development and is conducting human resource training programs targeted toward each.These include not only training tailored to each employee level but also training to hone specialist skills and systems for employ-ees seeking to work globally, such as having employees experience working overseas in their fourth year or overseas postings as trainees. We also conduct coaching to create more cohesive team-work and thus boost performance as an organization overall. In 2019, each Yamaha Motor employee spent on average 11.3* hours toward developing their own skills.* Excludes time spent on training for laws and regulations such as compliance, health and safety, as well as training for new hiresDevelopment of Global TalentWe run a Global Executive Program (GEP) for particularly talented employees to provide them with greater experience on the global stage and knowledge for the future. The Yamaha Business School Global (YBS-G) is also in place as a training program for future executives that we conduct in a highly diverse environment. These programs are to encourage the promotion of outstanding human resources to management positions regardless of nationality or place of birth, and to increase the percentage of local talent in management positions at our overseas subsidiaries to 60%.Self-Value Design (SVD)Training by LevelIndependence and ImprovementTeamworkGlobalSelectionManagementCareer surveyYamaha Flex School (correspondence education)Language classes (voluntary)Finance, accounting, and computer trainingSelf-Value Design (SVD) trainingSelf-Value Challenge (SVC open call in-house)For newly assigned executives at subsidiariesSpecific specialist skillsCoachingTraining prior to overseas assignmentGlobal Executive Program (GEP)For newly promoted general managersMarketingAdministrationTechnologyManufacturingYamaha Business School Global (YBS-G)For newly promoted managersGeneralFor newly promoted foremenTeam management and study abroad for senior supervisorsStudy abroadTeam leadership for supervisorsDomestic OJTOverseas traineesOverseas experience for fourth-year employeesYamaha Business SchoolSkill enhancement for office workersFor new employeesYamaha Motor’s Human Resource Development ProgramHuman ResourcesFoundations for Creating Competitiveness46Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2020

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