Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2020

Case StudyBig data analysis improves casting processCast parts are created using molds, so the individual points and shapes being formed cannot be seen from the outside. Accordingly, it is a process that relies heavily on simulations and the experience of longtime engineers in order to improve quality. As a smart fac-tory initiative, we acquired casting process-related data spanning over 200 items and conducted big data analysis of their correlation with quality. Through this, we successfully cut defect-induced losses of ¥100 million over the course of 2019. In addition to quality-related loss reductions through data analysis, we have begun devel-oping automation technologies such as AI imaging inspection, and will implement them at factory sites as we move forward. By lever-aging these technologies, we will realize high-quality, cost- competitive Monozukuri on a global scale.Bolstering our competitiveness by instilling the Monozukuri Way globallyThe Global Execution Transformation (GET) initiative was established in January 2020 as a global activity organization pertaining to management and business functions. My role in the GET initiative involves jointly overseeing our global efforts in the manu-facturing industry as well as promoting global activities therein.Specifically, we will instill Yamaha Motor’s vision for Monozukuri (Monozukuri Way) globally by promoting Monozukuri global management through the annual Monozukuri Conference. At the conference, I would like to not only share our Monozukuri Way but also focus on transforming the manufacturing industry and improving our brand value. Furthermore, I would like to create a global manufacturing team as part of efforts to more actively promote the Monozukuri Way at our overseas bases, in addition to domestic bases. By mutually sharing information and successful examples and developing best practices, we will raise the expectations of employees from overseas bases participating in the team and promote our Monozukuri Way while being able to pinpoint areas of improvement going forward. Moreover, a global manu-facturing team would also greatly enhance our ability to identify talented global manu-facturing personnel and develop such personnel over a short period.My goal is to lead our manufacturing bases around the world to improve our business performance while increasing the value we provide to customers, thereby raising the value of the Yamaha brand.Employees are able to check a variety of manufacturing site data on location in a timely manner, leading to prompt improvements.Message from ManagementMichael ChrzanowskiDeputy Executive Officer, President, Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation of America (YMMC)Yamaha Motor Smart Factory Initiatives The incorporation of technology trends and practices such as Industry 4.0, IoT, and AI at production sites is drawing greater attention. The Company defines a “smart factory” as a system that links and unifies data on people, equipment, products, and information in manufacturing, markets, and engineering; and visualizes disparities and fluctuations between theoretical value and effective value in real time. The Company is moving forward with the establishment of smart factories as this system provides greater clarity to issues while efficiently reforming management methods, thereby contributing to enhanced corporate activities as a whole. This initiative is planned for ASEAN markets as well, and by becoming better able to gauge the manufacturing situations of our domestic as well as international bases, we are working to globally augment management efficiency. 43Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2020

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