Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2020

Y-DX1: Reform Management Platforms Based on Yamaha Motor’s Ten Principles of Management,* we are revamping our management platforms to achieve the following three objectives:(1) Accelerate decision-making via thorough efforts to make information visible and uniform(2) Enhance the efficiency of back-office operations and shift resources to growth areas(3) Use new information to better visualize our customers and achieve predictive managementAt the same time, by standardizing core business processes and systems, we will promote the use of shared services and aim to enhance the productivity and quality of corporate operations.* The ten principles defining our system of management established by top management toward next-generation growthManagement dashboardUnified Accounting System / Predictive ManagementLinked Platforms / Global MasterShared services through a corporate subsidiary** Yamaha Motor Biz Partner (YMBP)Management simulationGlobal production, sales, and inventry (PSI)Consolidated model profitabilityAccounting and corporate operationsStandardization of business processes and code systemsDifferentiation processesStandardized processes (ERP)Global layerDigital TransformationConsolidated global databaseEnhanced productivity and quality in corporate operations through shared servicesMore efficient back-office operationsShifting resources to growth fieldsThorough visibility and uniformityOne Fact, One PlaceAccelerate decision-making through predictive managementBase / distributor layerShared servicesAction Themes2019–20212022–20242025–2027Y-DX3.Create the FutureSearch and trialBuilding and implementationExpansionY-DX2. Strengthen the PresentFour core domains and DAPApplication in four core domains and global rolloutAdvance and updateY-DX1.Reform Management PlatformsGlobal consolidated database and Japanese accounting ERPPrincipal base / distributor ERPERP at all bases / distributorsMedium- to Long-Term PlansTo make greater strategic use of state-of-the-art digital technologies and data toward realizing our Long-Term Vision, the Company has dubbed its digital transformation (DX) as “Yamaha Motor to the Next Stage” and we are driving three linked initiatives simultaneously to carry out this transformation.ProcurementProductionDistributionSalesServicesFoundations for Creating Competitiveness38Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2020

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