Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2020

Product Design Visualizing the Intent of the Business and UsersSatisfying adventurous minds: Ténéré 700We designed the latest entry for our Ténéré brand, which pioneered the adventure motorcycle category, at our design base in Milan, Italy, the closest location to the target market among our five overseas design centers.Approaches to motorcycle design often consist of creating a beautiful design based on a certain motif, but the Ténéré 700’s design envisioned actual use scenarios and thus sought to include a variety of functions. By incorporating an approach for the above heavily emphasizing simplicity, the Ténéré 700 emerged as a tool embodying the key essences of a rally-bred machine.Mobility in tune with human sensibilities: MW-VISIONThe MW-VISION is a next-generation form of mobility that proposes a new relationship between people and their vehicles. In response to environmen-tal and societal issues such as traffic congestion, accidents, and adverse weather, we designed the plan and concepts of the MW-VISION based on the “peace of mind” yielded by the LMW platform’s two front wheels, the “comfort” of a roofed, cocoon-like body, and the “fun” of interactive communication through sound and light.Transport1690mm1590mm700mmSensingNarrow spacesAI-equipped autonomous vehicular solution: Land Link ConceptThe Land Link Concept is a land drone capable of a variety of tasks via autonomization. Together with our advanced research departments, we designed this model according to the Advancing Robotics focus area of our Long-Term Vision. Focusing on the relationship between the drone and those working alongside it, we visualized the development concept of an “Inter-Responsive Link” by producing a layout that allows the drone to move in every direction, coordinated movement with several other drone units, greater utility by fitting attachments, and more.Design depiction of the SMT product lineupDesigning interactive communication via movement, sound, and lightItalian design teamDesign focusing on interactions with workers alongside itConcept Models for the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show with a “Designed Meaning”Surface mounter with an all-new platform: YRM20Designers took part in the formulation of the concept for the Company’s surface mount technology (SMT) business—Unique & Proven!—and adopted a new product design echoing this concept. Things began with the design of a single surface mounter, but we also created a product design manual aimed at making the unique style of Yamaha obvious at a glance when surface mounters are lined up alongside our indus-trial machinery for other processes. We wish to develop trust in our surface mounters in the same way that factory managers ensure trust and efficiency through tidy, orderly operations.35Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2020

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