Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2020

Expand investmentsUnderstand and experience the unique style of YamahaBuild the excitement for products with the unique style of YamahaY: YamahaC: CustomerB: BusinessDevelop partners’ loyalty to the unique style of YamahaIncrease profits per unit, sales volume, profits, and stock priceStrengthen customer ties and loyalty to Yamaha through servicesEncourage a lasting emotional attachment to YamahaBecome an advocate of the unique style of Yamaha and constantly explain it to othersIncrease new customers /interested employee candidatesFoster employees’ prideEmbody the unique style of YamahaCommunicate the unique style of Yamaha and its experiences to customersGrow potential fansDevelop technologies, products, and services with the unique style of YamahaKando for employees and partnersKando for customersC1C2C3C4C5C6Y1Y2Y3Y4B1B2B3Promoting the Global Branding PDCA Cycle• In order to relay and reflect the results of brand value analyses in our corporate activities, periodically conduct surveys to assess brand strength using uniform tools at principal bases around the world.*• Examine issues and formulate an activity plan based on those results.Evaluation segment (country, region, product)ALLABCDEFGHIJK L M NOClarityCommitmentGovernanceResponsivenessAuthenticityRelevanceDifferentiationConsistencyPresenceEngagementRegionsIdentify issues and formulate activity plans at Global Branding WorkshopsHeadquartersIdentify common global issues and plan and promote countermeasuresGlobal Branding WorkshopEvaluation via Common IndicatorsKando Cycle• The Kando Cycle describes how we conduct our business from a branding perspective.• As a Kando Creating Company, we continuously generate new Kando by expanding the linkage of Kando experiences and thereby increase both our brand value and our corporate value.* Uses the Brand Strength factors of Interbrand’s Brand Valuation™ methodology33Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2020

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